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October 28 2008

New Dr. Horrible Merch at Jinx. Jinx releases 5 more shirts, all with quotes.

Now I know what I'm asking my wife to get me for Christmas. Because the world is a mess, and I just need to rule it.

(The "I don't go to the gym" one would just be sad on me. I should lose some weight.)
I really wish they'd release some kid-size shirts. My son would love one.

I'm a little disappointed in the new selections. I had hoped to see something more substantial than simple text on black backgrounds.
But nevertheless, I'm glad to see that they're getting something else on the market.
I had suggested to J!nx they have a t-shirt with the words, "I have a Ph. D. in Horribleness", but maybe a better idea is make Evil League of Evil shirts, complete with logo, instead. That may be more popular
One of these days we'll add everyone's favoutire Dr. Horrible quotes to the Whedonesque quote machine. May do something about it this weekend.
Simon - Would be cool. Also might make up for that heart-stopping tease of a joke on twitter a few minutes ago.

The ELoE logo on a shirt would indeed be my (and many others) top choice for the next shirt.
I'm actually surprised the ELE logo wasn't amongst them. Not because I had reason to believe it would be, but just because I had convinced myself it would be. Heh.
Still nothing on Penny?
"We do the weird stuff." - Must own.

Though I too am a little disappointed it's just white text on a black background.
A Penny shirt would be nice. Not sure what should go on it though.
It could say, "Will you lend a helping hand?" Not only is it a piece of dialogue, it's totally representative of her character's arc!

See, I am Joss is smart.
How about "This petition's about the building"? It has now
become my standard comment when someone is rambling away or off topic.
I was hoping for "smells like cumin" or "the status is not quo" but these are cool too. I made my son a seal of Bad Horse shirt for Comic Con, he would love an ELoE and/or kid sized shirts.
I'd like a shirt with a frozen Penny pouring her laundry into the machine and underneath it says "Laundry Day." Or a shot of Moist with the words, "Life of Crime." Or even the same Dr. Horrible pic from the other shirt but with the text, "Love your hair..."

But these are nice too.
I had suggested to J!nx they have a t-shirt with the words, "I have a Ph. D. in Horribleness"

I so want one that says this!
Or a shot of Moist with the words, "Life of Crime."

I really despise J!nx. They signed an exclusive contract with an Australian supplier, which means other Australian businesses can no longer do business directly with J!nx. Meanwhile, the supplier is years behind getting the stock into the country.

That is in addition to the fact that the partner shirts are not available for wholesale. So as much as we would love help distribute the Dr. Horrible shirts in Australia, we can't.
I'm surprised that there isn't a "I have a Ph. D. in Horribleness" one, since they went out of their way to excitedly post a photo of someone at Comic-Con wearing a homemade version.
Some lines that would look less good on a T-shirt include: "look at me man, I'm Moist", "A murder would be nice of course", "Special needs", and "I'm not going to kill a little kid", to name a few. One could also take issue with "Don't Bounce" depending on the wearer's size and gender.

On the flip side, I think "The day needs my saving expertise" has nice ring to it. But Stacy and Clinton have convinced me not to wear message tees anymore, so the point is moot.
It's "Dude, you're NOT my nemesis".

And Penny's could say, "I'm a fan of laundry"

[ edited by madmolly on 2008-10-29 02:58 ]
I'd like one for my daughter that says, "Texting. It's very important or I would stop."
Those t-shirt models crack me up.

I like the gym one but it wouldn't make any sense on me. Or maybe my heaviness would make it even funnier. Huh.

Wearing "we do the weird stuff": Only at a convention or geek gathering of some sort, and then only if i have a sweatshirt to wear over it when I leave. Seriously, I wouldn't want people passing me on the street getting ideas.
jcs, I want that shirt too!

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2008-10-29 15:25 ]
Hmph! My homemade-in-two-hours "The status is not quo" tee is better than any of these. At least it was graphical instead of straight text. *sniffs disdainfully* ;-)
Or at the very least they should have used a different typeface for it. What is that? Helvetica?

Dude, you are NOT a subway sign.
Yeah, I rushed over to take a look but I don't see one I have to buy. Or to give as a Christmas present. Shame.
I was really hoping for one that said "I hate the homeless.." on the front and "...ness problem that plagues our city." on the back

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