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October 29 2008

(SPOILER) Gina Torres to guest in Pushing Daisies. According to EW's Michael Ausiello. Link contains spoilers for many other shows including BSG & Sarah Connor.

Ooh, awesome. I'm sure she'll rock it. Although did anyone see her in Dirty Sexy Money? She was totally miscast in my opinion, and she did the best she could with a dud role.
Well, there are no dud roles in Pushing Daisies so am sure she'll do just fine!
Hmmm.. that BSG question is so silly - it's been said time and time again that the TV movie is set during the series, not after - who is and who is not appearing in it will make little difference to who will be dying at the end of the show!
Awesome, I can't wait! Particularly after she was completely wasted on Eli Stone the other week.
Well, she's been cast as . There's no way that can not be awesome.
This just made my morning even better.
I love Pushing Daisies! Too bad the show is getting canceled. I wonder if Castle is going take its place....
I can't wait to see her and Chi play off each other. It'll be awesome.
OH MAN I love this show. Can't wait!
Spacegirl, do you work for ABC? Just throw a "probably" or a "might be" in that statement and we're peaches.

Hopefully people will actually tune into Pushing Daisies tonight, as it is the only major network television show airing opposite Obama's half-hour infomercial. If they can't get ratings opposite an elongated PBS special, then Daisies is in trouble. (Not deriding Obama, but I doubt there will be anything mind-blowing on a paid-for-by-the-candidate half-hour slice of prime time).

And YAY! for some Reaper discussion. I really can't wait for that show to come back.
That's great. Pushing Daisies is probably my favorite show on the air right now.
This comes just after enjoying Michael Hitchcock (Dr. Mathias from Serenity) in the convent episode. 30 Rock returns tomorrow, and that along with Pushing Daisies puts my "appointment television" at two shows per week. If it does get the ax (something I am surely bracing for), at least there will be two small seasons to enjoy.

Thanks- but no I do not work for ABC.
I was trying to post some links to where I read about the cancelation but I kept getting error messsages.
Regarless, it does not look good for our favorite show, sorry.
Pushing Daisies is the only show I watch. Partially because I've missed all the premieres of the other shows I watch and am far behind... But I do think it is the best show on television. Until Dollhouse, of course.
Spacegirl, I can't find the link either. I believe it was EW online or such that had "Seven Shows in Trouble", and 'Daisies was right in the middle. This Doesn't keep it from being one of the best shows on television, but it evidently is in trouble. The Article urged folks to watch and bring the ratings up.
Spacegirl3200 - while it may indeed not be looking too rosy for Daisies at the moment, the show is most certainly not actually cancelled.
Thanks Raggety, I kept wondering what I recognized Father de Donde from! (That wasn't intentionally a pun)

As for Torres mystery Pushing Daisies character, at the very least we can hope/assume she might be a recurring character? (Plus the series does sometimes use flashbacks-- albeit generally to the childhood of the characters. In any case if the series stays on the air we could hope for more appearances later!)
Oh, that's awesome. I love this show, and can't wait to see her on it.
The brightest, most cheerful, and family-friendly show on network or cable-series television is about death and murder. I love it...

this is my official first post, greetinz you all everybody ...

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