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October 29 2008

Guess the Joss letter in this Empire Online Poster Quiz. There's a Joss related letter in this puzzle, but I don't wanna give it away just yet. Have fun movie buffs!

I'd recognise that typeface at a thousand paces.
If the letter was really big presumably. Or, wait a minute ... Superman, is that you ?
I got the Joss one. And a few others. And I know the bonus point one!
Alas, you don't need to be a Kryptonian to appreciate (wait for it)... Times New Whedon. Ithankyou.
I have a splitting headache so someone be nice and tell me the answer :).
Thanks for that :).
That was surprisingly fun!
quite fun, but I only know a few... how do we find out the answers?
miri47, you click on the letter and the movie poster will pop-up. I've only gotten 8 so far, this one's a lot harder than the first one.
I got two (the Whedon one plus one other film I've never actually watched) and am rather proud of myself for that. I suck at films. Now, if it had been tv dvd boxset typefaces...
I did much better at this the last time they did it... but I always know that letter... I only got six of them this time... much harder...
I was going through all the letters like oh no I'm not going to be able to get it, this is so hard... and then saw the answer and was like whew, I *am* a good fan. ;) But yeah, that said, that was the only one I knew.
Good Lord, I need to start looking at movie posters again, I guess. I got 2; Joss' letter and seven.
Yeah, that was wicked easy (I did think there might be a B for Buffy... but this was my second expectation).

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