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October 29 2008

How to dress like a Browncoat for Halloween. Shawna Trpcic, costume designer on Firefly, gives some handy hints.

Not Brownshirt!! Ack.
Yeah, what was that? Heh.

Maybe it was a joke. lol.
Also, if you buy one of these and wear a fake mustache, you could go as a false b!X. (This was, in fact, what I myself was going to do had I been able to afford to fly to LA for this week's Halloween charity screening of Dr. Horrible and The Guild. Alas, I kind of quit my health-threatening job at an inopportune time. Heh.)

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bix, what the f@^%?
Why, that's neither a heart nor a vertical bar.
So bix, I take it there is a story that led to you adding the 'theonetrue' to the 'bix'? Or was it just a generally cheeky mood?
That was their tip? Go to the thrift store?

Wow. Never would have thought of that. (Sarcasm)

My quick & easy costume tips:

Carrie - buy a prom dress (Goodwill has racks of prom/wedding dresses year 'round, but especially now) & theatrical blood. Pour blood on the dress. Buy a blood atomizer (Yes, they do have these - I saw one in Goodwill) and spritz your face, neck & arms

mummy - get some old white sheets & an old sweat suit. Cut or tear the sheets into strips & wrap them around the sweat suit, gluing or sewing, depending on your skill level. Wrap an old pair of shoes & gloves the same way. Pull the suit on, and then wrap your head (You might need a partner for this step) however you're comfortable. Makeup can be used for any exposed skin if you want the decaying mummy look.

Google images for pirates - you'd be surprised how easily you could throw a costume together; you might even have a lot of it already, or know someone you could borrow from.

I'm going as a Terminator, which is actually simpler than it sounds: I've got some excess latex from a vampire appliance that I cut into small irregular shapes & painted silver. One piece on my left cheek, near the eye, and one on my left jaw, one on my left thumb & one on the back of my left hand. I got some "scar skin" in a makeup kit that I'll use to go around the edges to look like the skin's been torn off. Grey t-shirt, black jeans & a "leather" jacket.'s been bugging me forever: theonetruebix: What in the world does that mean!?
They fixed it - no longer Brownshirt - but now there's an unfriendly space between the Brown and the Coat...
Weren't the Brownshirts Nazis?

Anyway, I could have used this a long time ago to get ready. Oh well.

edit: Not very specific. Never mind. I don't want to be just anyone in the Verse.

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OK, bix. ♥♥♥♦♣ that.

Anyway, at least I know what I'm going to be now, and it's not a brownshirt.

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If you are female and have a good figure, Companion costumes are not too hard to do. Combine pieces of Indian or Pakistani clothing with drapey silk or rayon resort wear and some ornate ethnic jewelry. I prefer Shawna's Inara costumes to the ones in the movie; they are more elegant and less generic.
Companion costumes are only for women with "a good figure"? That would be news to a number of Browncoats out there.
What the heck is a "good" figure, anyway? *eye roll*

I'm going as Hourglass from Dr. Horrible! I have a black slinky dress with some alterations made (hint: sand, 1 mil clear plastic sheeting, and black duct tape) and a third eye drawn on my forehead. My coworkers loved it today. My girlfriend is going as Conflict Diamond! Complete with red paint, rhinestones and a tea-stained map of Africa.
"What the heck is a "good" figure, anyway? *eye roll*"

A figure better than mine, is what I mean.

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