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October 30 2008

Dr. Horrible is one of TIME's best inventions of the year. Main link goes to a video. Includes Dr. Horrible clips. The mushortio came in at #15. ETA article link.

Dr. Horrible comes in at about 3:45.
And -- unlike "23 and me" -- you don't need to spit on it to make it work!
Nice inventions except for the DNA Retail thing and the robot. The DNA thingy is plain creepy. And the robot is not cool because the robots will become bigger and better, which will lead to three things. None of which are good.

1) Overthrow us, become our masters and hook up us to a computer that simulates our life now.
2) Revolt, start a war with us, move to another planet, return 40 years later and nuke us and chase the remaining survivors around the universe.
3) Take over our computer system to nuke us from within and try to enslave us.

But I love that Dr. Horrible is on the list.
Does that video actually work for anyone outside the US? Whenever I hit play I get the commercial, but the actual video never starts.
I'm in Canada and can view it.

And Lev Grossman is SUPERCOOL for thinking outside the box and adding Dr. Horrible to the list!!!
The technical term, I believe, is:
Mushortio, "myoo-shor-tee-oh,"
noun (pl. -ohs)
The web-based model of the supervillain musical.
Awesome that they included Dr. Horrible.

But Nexi the robot? "But I hope you can see I am very happy to have met you." HAL-9000 much?!
I need one of those motorcycles.
So what was it ranked?
As it says in the post: "The mushortio came in at #15."
I think a mushortio is just a musical short. I like the idea of it meaning one distributed on the internet specifically.
Joss Whedon for Time's Man Of The Year!
The Nexi Robot has purty blue eyes, but I think The Eyes of NPH (Ned Peter Harrison) are even purtier.

(And my partner & I may buy the "23andMe" kits for each other for Christmas - very cool.)
I think a mushortio is just a musical short. I like the idea of it meaning one distributed on the internet specifically.

Hence the I-O at the end of mushortio.

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