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October 30 2008

What are the odds? Whedon alums listed as possible Doctor Who replacements? Bookies list possible replacements for David Tennant as the Doctor. Some familiar names are listed...

I was expecting to see Alan Tudyk on the list. His English accent (see A Knight's Tale and Death at a Funeral) is superb.

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I'm trying to grasp the idea of Ricky Gervais as Dr. Who.
Does anybody else think Alexis would make a wonderful Dr Who?
I'm a purest. If the American President must be born in the US, the Doctor actor must be born in the UK. Only fair.

Still in grief mode. You'd think after 43 years as a DW fan, I could deal with this better.
Perhaps it is time for the good doctor to infiltrate or join the ELoE?
Wow this is basically just a list of every British actor.... :P
It's a deeply peculiar list. But yes, RavenU, that would be a perfect scenario. We can dream.
John Barrowman at 33/1?!
Interesting that they have Christopher Eccleston at 40/1, since he was already the Doctor. But they've got John Simm at 8/1, and he was the last Master, so... Kind of a weird list.

The idea of Vinnie Jones as the Doctor, though, makes me laugh.

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Hmm what a strange list. Personally I like the sound of Alan Davies.
The BBC list is a bit shorter (and more sensible). But contains no Whedon alumni that I can see.

John Simm would be excellent but is sort of out, yeah. I personally think David Morrissey would be amazing but am happy enough he's in the Children in Need special - he needs to be on my tv more.
One obvious name missing is Sean Pertwee, but he is listed at the BBC website here.

Edited to add, skittledog beat me to it with the link.

Further edited to add that Dominic West, who was in 'The Wire', seems to be a favourite in discussion over on the Doctor Who Forum (the old Outpost Gallifrey site), another name not mentioned in the link.

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Christopher Eccleston, Bill Nighy, Billie Piper and Anthony as my favorites. I will add Alan Rickman and the Brazilian Matheus Nachtergaele - Pic -,,MUL469247-7086,00.html
Alyson Hannigan would make a great Doctor.
When the series was originally coming back, Eddie Izzard's name was thrown around a bit. I would totally support him as the Doctor. And he proved he can do dramatic TV, not just comedy, with "The Riches."
No issue with a black Doctor and I think a female Doctor could also work, if they cast it perfectly and did it well. But sorry over-the-pond chums, there should never, ever be an American Doctor. Ever. With the possible exception of Alexis Denisof.

James McAvoy could do it but probably won't. Russell Tovey could play him but it might cause problems when he hit puberty, all those "changes" taking place would make it awkward :p.

Of the BBC list I think Paterson Joseph would be good and I could live with James Nesbitt or Sean Pertwee (though I doubt he'd play him personally, putting myself in his place, I think that'd feel really weird).

Of the other, "every male in Britain" list, Stephen Fry would be good, if maybe a slight return to the Tom Baker type but there're a lot of decent options on there. I'd say Joseph or Carlyle are probably the most likely candidates though.

(and it's worth pointing out that Colin Baker appeared on the show as someone else before playing The Doctor and obviously Freema Agyeman played another character before appearing as Martha Jones so John Simm isn't totally impossible)
Wow, Eddie Izzard! *nods thoughtfully*
Alyson Hannigan would make a great Doctor.

Especially if she went ginger. ☺

Should I put my bid in for James Marsters to be the Doctor?

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No American Doctor? *goes to fire Christian Bale from the much, much bigger role of Batman*
Aww, this is the first I'd heard that David Tennant was leaving *tear*.

With that said, Alexis Denisof would make for a really great doctor. But I truest Steven Moffat to make the right decisions. So excited about both the Specials, and the new series.
Chiwetel Ejiofor would be great. I'd like Paul Bettany too, actually. I hadn't thought of him before.
Yeah, Chiwetel Ejiofor could really play him, in fact I think he'd probably be my first pick if he'd do it. My only slight reservation is whether he could play the clown as well as e.g. Eccleston or Tennant but he could definitely do the dark edge and he has a sort of patrician air about him when the part calls for it (e.g. The Operative).

*goes to fire Christian Bale from the much, much bigger role of Batman*

*waits until KingofCretins realises he doesn't head up Time Warner and comes back* ;)

I've never seen an American actor that convinced me he or she was British (with, as mentioned, the possible exception of Alexis Denisof). And The Doctor is British, just as Batman is American (though in fact i'd say it's actually less important where Batman's from). My point being that Britishness is more important to the character than sex or colour (and please, nobody tell me The Doctor's an alien, i'm aware of that - it's just that he's a British alien ;).

Put up an[other] American actor that can do a flawless British accent and has the right "vibe" and i'll re-consider.
Agreed, if he weren't British it would be a different show. Not necessarily a bad one, but different. Gender or race? It could stay the same show... buut not nationality, I don't think (I still wonder whose decision it was to have Tennant use his (admittedly excellent) non-specific English accent rather than his naturally awesomely messed up Scottish one (I recognise that sound of someone who moved regions as a kid)). Robert Carlyle is a nice thought, and Chiwetel Ejiofor a fantastic one. Alexis Denisof... well, I only consciously noticed he wasn't English about 3 times in the course of 6 seasons, so that's pretty damn good. Still... having an American actor pretend to be English would be weird. We don't do that half as much as American shows do.

Richard E Grant, Stephen Fry or Alan Davies would all be good as what I'll have to call a 'traditional' Doctor, but they've made conscious efforts to stay away from that in the past and I think that will probably become even more the case with Steven Moffat running it.
just as Batman is American

The BBC will NEVER consider any American to be the Doctor because it created the show, and should be protective of it. I'd vote for Anthony Stewart Head as Who the 11th. However, how about David Anders who just ended his run on "Heroes"? If "Eleventh Hour USA" doesn't work out, we can call Rufus Sewell.
ETA: Oops. Anders is American, too...and I had no idea.

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I'm sad to hear Tennant's leaving. He's been quite awesome. I was hoping he'd stick around a bit longer. Then again, Eccleston was also awesome and he wasn't the first to manage that, so I'm not gonna whine - I'm sure the next one'll be awesome too.
I'd not mind seeing Tony Head in the role. Izzard would also be awesome, but I don't think it likely to happen. Chiwetel seems unlikely too - he seems to like doing many different roles, so I doubt he'd do television, but I'd be all for it if it happened. Hugh Grant? No thanks.
As for a female doctor? That'd be a brave move, certainly, and it might be hypothetically possible (for Steven Moffat) to pull it off in an acceptable way, but I don't see it happening. About as likely as a Doctor with an American accent. It would just be too "not the Doctor".
Yeah I think it'd be too much given that the showrunner's changing, The Doctor's changing and the companion's changing all at the same time. Then again, if you're going for a radical change like a female Doctor, maybe that's just the time to do it ?

just as Batman is American


I know where Christian Bale's from kishi but Batman is American. I'm assuming I don't have to point out the difference between Christian Bale and Batman (hint: it's similar to the difference between David Tennant and The Doctor ;).

ETA: Oops. Anders is American, too...and I had no idea.

Listen to how he says 'garage' among other words. His accent's not terrible though, heard worse.
I'm just saying, if a Brit can play Batman, why can't an American play the Doctor? =)

Oh, and if they really want a female Doctor, but don't want to make the actual Doctor female, they could always just bring back the Doctor's daughter from last season.

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Tony Head already played a baddie on the show though, so he's out.

Anyone else in favor of Robson Green? Though I'd love to see Hugh Laurie but... well, he couldn't really leave House for this, could he? My head would split in two.
Robson Green? Sorry but absolutely not.

Stephen Moffat's said a couple of times that whoever plays the role needs to be young as it's such a physically demanding role these days.

I could handle an American playing the Doctor - so long as he spoke with an English accent!
If they could get Christopher Eccleston for a single year (again), they could do a flashback season showing the build-up and payoff of the Time War. Might be a bit too grim, but would show the Doctor's downward spiral before Rose brought him back.

Tony Head already played a baddie on the show though, so he's out.
Not really. Lalla Ward played Princess Astra and Romana (post-regeneration).

How about Americans who have spent a fair amount of time growing up in England? There is this Josh Weldon guy who had a bit part on Veronica Mars, who might fit the bill.

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I would love to see Ioan Gruffud, Stephen Fry, Nick Frost or Paterson Joesph as one of the next doctors.

To be honest I don't want the Eleventh Doctor to be young. I want him to be in his 40's-50's, witty, with that slight attractiveness to him but not so that girls will fan over them.

And I would like a UK born actor, not an American trying to put on a British Accent. The Doctor has always been UK born and that's the way it should stay.

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The idea of a female Doctor is not a new one. Many years ago there was some idle gossip that the great Beryl Reid had been considered as a possible for the role. Having said that, I don't think it's going to happen, at least not for a long while yet.

An American actor in the role? I suspect not. Doctor Who is quintessential British sci-fi. I think back with dread to Brian Donlevy playing Bernard Quatermass.

It will be interesting to see who does end up in the role, although we still have twelve month's worth of "specials" with David Tennant to look forward to yet.

He's a HUGE fan of the show (Going back to the original Doctor) and loved his outing as Mr. Finch. He also said in at least one interview that he wouldn't mind being the Doctor, and I think I remember him saying he was involved in something else at the time that Eccleston left & before Tennant was locked in, or he would've jumped at it.

Is "Merlin" considered for another season, or is it a one-off?

Young Doctor? Billy Boyd. He just oozes quirk. (But, not Quark, 'cause...yuck.) Plus? He can sing, which would be a cool twist for the good Doctor.
James Nesbitt. He worked with Moffat on "Jekyll", which if you haven't seen, go now (only 6 episode mini series). Could ease the transition when you've worked with people before. Though I'm loving the idea of Izzard. Chiwetel Ejiofor would be interesting too.
James Nesbitt.

And his dad taught me maths. I will never get tired of that fact.
I can't see the BBC agreeing to any casting decision against the "type" that has brought in such massive viewing (and merchandising) success. I'd put my money on Doctor 11 being young(ish), British, male and white. And handsome too, just to keep the squee factor up at Tennant levels.
Anthony Head, James Marsters and John Barrowman can obviously not be Dr. Who, because there would be other characters in the Who universe that looked just like him...and that would be confusing. Just to state the obvious. James Nesbitt please.
I thought David Tennant would be the Doctor for the next 20 years. I never get my way. Sigh. I don't know who half these actors are, so I don't have much of an opinion. Chiwetel Ejiofor would be cool, as would Rufus Sewell, although he'd be kind of a sinister Doctor.
I'm a Yankee but even I have to say no to an American Doctor Who. You can't have a non-British Who and you can't have a non-British Bond (George Lazenby does NOT count... and uh... Pierce moved at a young age...).

That said, I agree that Alexis could do Who. It makes me sad because of how different anyone would be from Tennant, though. I know he wasn't the first Doctor this go around, but he kinda represented the newly remade Who universe to me. I got the sense while watching him that this universe really did orbit around him in a way that Christopher Eccleston never had.
I think Paul Bettany has that ... offness, I guess, that the best Doctor's have. You can imagine him doing something psychotic. However, it's hard to believe any actor, male or female, would give up a successful international movie career unless they were major fans. Until they became the Doctor, I'd never heard of either Ecclestone or Tennant so I think it will more likely be another popular TV actor or someone who'd done a lot of British movies, and therefore someone I've never heard of, like the first two names listed.
I'm still in recovery about the aforementioned news, so part of me doesn't want to speculate too much about a new Doctor.

Have of me almost wishes Alexis or David Anders would qualify, but the rest of me is too much of a purist. I like the suggestion of Paul Bettany, though. I loved him in A Knight's Tale.

And it seems like I saw an icon someone made once nominating Miranda Richardson for the Doctor.
Alyson Hannigan would make a great Doctor.

With that weird English accent that Lily Aldrin had in that Intervention episode of HIMYM?
I really want to have an unknown british actor; anyone else would have too much tied to them and I wouldn't be able to accept them. David was perfect because I didn't know about him when Chris Eccleston left, I'd like to have that wonder again to discover a new person instead of rehashing old talent. I love most of the suggestions dearly, but I think that they should stick with someone new and BRITISH.
Heck, some folks want to nominate Amber for the job....
... anyone else would have too much tied to them and I wouldn't be able to accept them ...

Both Eccleston and Tennant were well known in the UK though, as are a lot of these names. I could live with Paul Bettany. Doubt he would but you never know (and sweet Baby Jebus, not Robson Green).

I'm just saying, if a Brit can play Batman, why can't an American play the Doctor? =)

Because, as I say, for whatever reason, Americans don't seem to be as good at British accents as Brits are at American. I've heard much praise from Yanks about various British actors playing American but, as I say, i've never heard a non-Alexis Denisof American that could come close to convincing me that they're actually British. I don't mean a "good try" accent and I don't mean a "he's old and has travelled around a lot" accent, I mean an accent that sounds like the user is from Britain now.

And his dad taught me maths. I will never get tired of that fact.

Stephen Moffat's dad was my old/first headmaster (my sister knew his sister Vicky though not well). And my parents have met Sandy MacDonald (David Tennant's dad) after one of his services. And ... that's pretty much it. Apart from that I think passing Gloria Hunniford on a London street and seeing Clive Anderson at Waterloo are about as close as I get to fame. Ho hum. Oh and Kevin Keegan when I was a lad.
David Tennant was Casanova to me before Doctor Who. And that role took some banishing from my mind.
I wasn't familiar with David Tennant prior to DW, so to me he was Barty Crouch Jr.
Ricky Gervais...from Space Slug to The Doctor...its kinda crazy but it might just work.
My vote goes to Alan Davies, especially considering that he has previously worked with Russell T Davies. In 5-10 years or so I could definitely see James McAvoy in the role, but he is a bit young at the moment and far too attractive.

I kind of feel that Christian Bale is too Hollywood... also... no American actors please!

And it seems like I saw an icon someone made once nominating Miranda Richardson for the Doctor.

That would be awesome! Also Jennifer Saunders would be brilliant!

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I guess now that I'm a little more into British TV no one will be new. :( I guess I'll just have to see how it goes. It was so much better when I knew nothing about any of the actors in contention :sigh: Maybe Alan Davies... I really like him on QI It's just so hard to imagine Dr Who without david tennant. I haven't gone through this yet because when I came in, I knew that Chris was going to leave. I came in during the 3rd series, so I knew that some weird scrawny guy and a girl in a red leather jacket were going to be the new leads once I caught up. Now, it's so nebulous, and the direction the show has been going is not promising. I just hope that Stephen Moffat doesn't screw it up like he did Silence in the Library/Forest of the dead. :(
OK, I was with you right up until you became a maniac ;-). Moffat's episodes (including SitL/FotD) are right up there with the best of the new Who IMO. Those two maybe aren't my favourites of his but i'd still probably put them in the top 10 since the relaunch. Horses/courses ;).

And yeah, as a kid with no real idea of the behind the scenes stuff it was always a huge surprise when The Doctor changed and waiting to see what he'd look like after regenerating really added to the fun. Miss that in some ways (even though the speculation's fun in its own way too).

(and happily it seems like it'll be hard to disappoint me - you watch, it'll be Robson bloody Green now that i've said that ;) - cos Alan Davies would also be OK. He can certainly play the clown but anyone that's seen 'Jonathan Creek' will know that he can channel arrogant intellect and a superior air too)
The suggestion of Ricky Gervais actually makes me think Robson Green wouldn't be so bad...(I jest, but it's a close thing). I've watched every series since (some point in) the Tom Baker years but Ricky Gervais would finish it for me.

With regards to Eccleston doing flashbacks to the Time War (ha, we wish!) it seems to be a common viewpoint amongst fans that it was actually Paul McGann's Doctor who fought in the Time War and that was what resulted in his regeneration into 10. Not sure off hand whether that's actually been stated as fact though.
My problem with Moffat would probably be some of his personal views which after hearing them I can't help but see in his work. I have the same problem with Dickens, enjoyed his work a lot more when I didn't know how he treated his wife.

New Doctor? Russel Torvey is lovely but probably more companion material (as he admits himself). Chiwetel Ejiofor would be brilliant but I don't think he'd take the job (unless they make it a short term deal with another regeneration after a few episodes). Whoever it is I suppose I'm living in dream land by hoping that I don't find out until the actual regeneration.
My problem with Moffat would probably be some of his personal views which after hearing them I can't help but see in his work.

Intriguing. Any chance of elaborating on this Leaf (ideally with links ;) ?
It's probably this quote that sticks in my mind:

Moffat: "There's this issue you're not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. That's the truth. We don't, as little boys, play at being married - we try to avoid it for as long as possible. Meanwhile women are out there hunting for husbands." link to original article (though reading may cause slight brain meltage).
Putting on my Highlander fandom hat for a second (What? You hadn't figured out I was a Highlander fan?), I think there is one actor who could absolutely own the role of the Doctor, and this is coming from someone who would have happily watched David Tennant play the role for the next 30 or 40 years.

Peter Wingfield played the role of Methos in the Highlander television series and the last two movies. Methos was the oldest of the Immortals still alive, about 5000 years old at the time of the series, and was a character that walked the line between good and evil very carefully. Anyone who has seen the show will know what I mean. Incredible character played by an excellent actor who knew exactly how to portray a man who had thousands of years of wisdom, experience and knowledge, making him both relatable and a total mystery in equal measures. I'd love to see what he would do if given the role of the Doctor to play with. Might even be enough to make me not regret the loss of David Tennant.
"There's this issue you're not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women ..."

Hmm, I dunno, funnily enough, based on his work i'd be more willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until I saw more of this sort of thing since 'Blink' has a strong female character (that's even commitment averse in fact), SitL/FotD and 'The Girl in the Fireplace' have strong female characters as does, arguably, 'The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances'. I'd actually say that the common thread running through his 'Doctor Who' episodes at least is a female character, often fiercely independent, playing a central or pivotal role in events.

Even in 'Coupling', where you'd expect to see more of his prejudices, both genders appear on a spectrum with pretty much equal representation IMO.

Seeing him in interview he seems like he might be a bit pugnacious, like he might be the type to use deliberately un-PC language as a sort of two-fingers to convention. And if you take out the un-PC language (like 'needy') isn't at least some of what he says true ? Note, i'm not saying it's innate or even desirable and some of those behaviours are due to cultural influences BUT boys don't "play house" and if you changed "without women" to "without a long-term relationship" then i'd agree there too - for whatever reasons (including reproductive biology), women don't "sow their wild oats" and the idea of the commitment averse/phobic male is so prevalent it's become a cliché that's featured (positively and negatively) in numerous TV shows, books etc. (which, in fairness, doesn't mean it's true of course).
Leaf, after being surprised and disappointed when I read that interview with Steven Moffat, I consoled myself that he wrote Press Gang and the character of Lynda Day...
Yeah, it's the language in that interview that makes me wince, not the content quite so much (because even if he isn't correct it's a common enough view and Jane Austen had characters discussing it 200 years ago). And I'd agree about the female characters in episodes he's written - although I'm not such a huge fan of River Song as everyone else seems to be. She really annoyed me. But the rest (including the little girl whose name I've now forgotten in those eps) are all good, strong, layered characters (for Doctor Who).

I was more put off by the mental image of 'shagging like a mechanical digger.' How does that work as a metaphor? Always looking rather ineffective and spilling stuff everywhere?
I'd say the man writes a lot smarter than he talks.
Woe, I'm in mourning. But somewhat appeased by the fact we will get to see David in the Christmas special and in 4 more one-shots next year.

I have seen some speculation about Julian Rhind-Tutt as the next Doctor. He has some serious acting chops, brings a real physicality to his roles and yet has a scruffy look that the fangurls will adore. (Plus, he's ginger!)
I saw David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis) at a convention here in Melbourne, Australia today, and he mentioned that he really, really, really wanted to be the next Doctor. I love the geeky fanboy in him! He's just like David Tennant in that respect.

And I also have to second the suggestion of Peter Wingfield. He'd be brilliant (and he's Welsh, to boot).

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