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"We don't knock during dark rituals?"
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October 30 2008

Willow is #2: Best TV witches. Our girl Willow comes in second only to Samantha Stephens herself. However, Amy didn't make the list. Rats!

Second place to that second-rate sorceress? Who do we sue!???
Is it me or did they pick a really intimidating picture of Willow too? I wish they'd picked something more consistent with her character throughout the show.

I'm still happy she was that high up on the list though!
As an older person, as a Hazel and as a Scot, I have to say that the absence of Hazel the McWitch (Molly Weir) from Rentaghost is astonishing ;-)
Amy?! What about Tara? (waaaa...)
First off why that picture of Willow??

Second...Amy? Who cares about Amy...Where the HECK is TARA??
Second to Samantha? That two bit hack had everything given to her! She didn't work for anything! Willow struggled and fought evil. Did Samantha ever twitch her nose to kill vampires? I think not.
I came here from the RSS thinking "Samantha Stephens deserves #1." Yay.
Amy didn't make the list. Rats!

Good one, In the Latin . Made me laugh. :-)
I loved Samantha! She was smart, funny, and no matter how much Darrin (either one of them) thought he was in control it was so obvious he wasn't- she was. And I'm sure she would have been quite capable of handling a few vamps had they ever shown up.
Evil Willow photos are my favorite Willow photos - they just interest me more than ol' Bread-and-butter Willow.

I like Samantha alright, but I tend to prefer my witches... well, in a word, Dark.

Their clothes and jewelry are usually better, and they don't have to live with Darwin. Derwood. Dagwood. Whatever.
As much as I adore Willow, I agree that Samantha deserves top honors.

I'm also glad that Piper made it up so high on the list. She was my favorite before Charmed got really bad.
I was a Samantha Stevens fan from way back and think she deserves to be #1, but Willow is #2 and I'm also a Piper fan so I'm glad to see her above her sisters - and I agree with that order. I do think Tara deserved to be on the list, though. She certainly can be ranked among the 'best' witches on TV!
I'm pretty sure Sam getting number one there is out of respect for the classics, which I can appreciate. I grew up on those reruns. Glad to see that the Wilster passed up everyone else, and also that my favorite Halliwell took the bronze.

Oh, and QuoterGal; *awesome* Endora impersonation there. Hehee. Lots of points.
This is ancient, isn't it?
I think Samantha is well deserving of the no 1 spot. 'Bewitched' in it's own innocuous way touched on some quite progressive issues for it's time, such as racism and prejudice.

Though, points lost to Samantha for not noticing that her hubby started to look a little...errr...different.
Hmmm. let's take a look at this wording:

"When boyfriend/werewolf Oz broke her heart, she turned to a practicing Wiccan, Tara, for comfort. But when Tara was killed, Willow turned powerfully dark. "

i think AOL television is afraid to say lesbian.
Yeah, I noticed that too, FunkyBeccaBecca. Unfortunately that kind of linguistic hand-waving is still fairly common.

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