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October 30 2008

AMC's Horror Blog Asks, Who's the Baddest Monster-Hunter of All Time? Buffy is one of the monster hunters in the running for the title of "Baddest" of them all. Comments count as nominations.

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Not to be nit-picky or anything, but "Whose" should be "Who's." And there should be a comma after "asks"..
I belong to too many sites already....
If only Ripley were a monster hunter, rather than a monster survivor. There is a difference, but I would probably vote for her if she were the former. She wanted nothing more than to have nothing to do with an AlienTM ever again. Other people forced her into proximity with them every single time.

I didn't see Rico over there (edit-someone nominated Casper Van Dien, not the character). Personally, bringing up my love of Starship Troopers again, I'd vote for Johnny Rico if he were on the list. He just loved killing those bugs on bug planet like a good, trained-up military young Aryan should. Vin Diesel is bad-ass as Riddick but again, he didn't actively hunt the monsters in Pitch Black, he tried to survive the experience.

I'm probably forgetting someone, but this is as good as it gets for me after a long day's work.

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Sorry, but I can't rognize the 3 ones before Buffy.
Again I'll rise my flag with Juba & Lula.
The one directly before Buffy is Keanu Reeves in Constatine

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