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October 30 2008

Did Fox really pre-cancel Dollhouse? KJToo satirizes the pessimism of Joss fans in a post that also announces the release of the Dollhouse sequel movie, Echo, in 2011.


I don't find these "jokes" funny.
I will see Echo six times in the theatre.
Firefly and Dollhouse are so bad that they only have a single fan! And he writes letters pleading for them to make more even though they won't because he's the only one that watches! Because the shows suck! What a pathetic loser that guy must be!

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Only six, Pointy? I have to get at least into double digits!
Man. A pre-emptive cancellation seems pretty harsh, even for executives known to be in league with the forces of darkness. I guess filming everything backwards and in Pig Latin was too artsy fartsy for the viewing public.

I will wait in line with you, Derrick Stroyer! But not until August 18th or so. Until then, be strong.

Yours in solidarity,
another random person on the internet
Yet again, a website has pulled a Whedon reference out of its arse just to get on Whedonesque, and yet again somebody fell for it. Free publicity.

[ edited by GreatMuppetyOdin on 2008-10-31 02:52 ]
I hate you. Urgently clicked the link without reading the description and teared up. Holy hell, I never want to expeirence that again.
GreatMuppetyOdin: Whether they did it for the publicity or not doesn't matter to me -- it's a funny post that hits right on target and I thought W-esquers would enjoy reading it. If the mods agree with you, they can delete it. I'm not one of those who count coup by how many W-esque threads I've started.

hitnrun017: I assumed anyone reading 'pre-cancels' would know that there's no such thing, even for Fox. My bad.
that was just.. wrong.
Maybe "Satirist Imagines Fox 'Pre-Cancellation' of Much-Anticipated Future Prime-Time Sci Fi Hit by Beloved Television Auteur." Just to be safe.
As The One Whedon Fan, I got to travel to the future and I'm here to tell you that Echo: The Movie is awesome! Scored some comps, got invited to the post-pre-screening-post-party-VIP-Red Carpet-after-after-party, got sorta drunk with Joss and all the Dollhouse writers and actors, and then travelled back to the past (now) just in time to tell you about it and avoid my hangover.

Am now off once again to 2009 to "blarg" about it. In the future, we don't call it "blogging" anymore, which is considered passé - oh, and "twitter" split off into two separate sites: "blather" and "natter".
oh, and "twitter" split off into two separate sites: "blather" and "natter"

I'll have to choose?!
Well, spill: Who dies in the movie? Did Joss finally go Full Wild Bunch?
hitnrun017: I assumed anyone reading 'pre-cancels' would know that there's no such thing, even for Fox. My bad.

The "hate" was a loving hate. I'm television stupid.
Echo kills everyone except that one guy we all hate. It's really quite traumatic.
QG Invisotext please!
Ugh, not the Former-Rogue-FBI-Agent-Turned-Total-Tool guy!

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-10-31 03:44 ]
Sorry, I had to promise not to spoil or they wouldn't let me use the TARDIS to return to 2008.

I'll just say this: I think it's very cru-el to resurrect beloved Whedon'verse characters and then kill them again, just for a larf.

Bonus Fact: In the future, all studios, major networks and corporations have a company TARDIS.
Then it is as we feared. Bold Purple Man has been completely consumed by Dark Whedon.
With a premise like Dollhouse's, I assumed it was Dark Whedon at the helm all along.
Whoa. whoa. whoa. Dark Whedon? I don't think I can handle that if this version is the fluffy bunnies guy.
You mean you guys don't have your personal TARDIS yet? Words fail me.

Well, not really. I always thought casting Alan Tudyk as the hilarious guy who drives Agent Ballard around was a total give-away.
Without the dinasaurs on the dashboard, it just isn't the same.
Totally ironic how he dodged that near-impaling in the diver's seat just to get stomped on by a T. Rex though.
The situation is much worse than I thought. Only one thing can set the time stream right. Yes, we require nothing less than a cross-genre inter-verse trans-spatial time-traversing lesbian kiss. HSWCOSWCA. It's our only hope.
Oh, dear, that's way too many letters for me to figure it out!
It's a Whedonesqew variant on HGOGA.
I was all excited about Echo until I heard the future rumour the role was being recast with Lindsay Lohan. I mean, who is this Eliza chick anyway?
Known as the Pointy Phlebotinum for short. I wonder if Dollhouse would have not been pre-, de-, and re-canceled if there'd been more of those during sweeps.
SWC = S______ W____ C________
I just hope that Dark Whedon isn't in truth Joss's evil twin Ross Whedon succeeding in his evil plan to kidnap Joss and pass himself off as The Great Man. We know he's still skulking around LA somewhere. O.O
Star Wars Choreography?
We're running out of space time! C'mon, c'mon, give me a vowel!
Fine. Can I buy an E?

S _ _ _ _ _
W _ _ _ _
C _ _ _ _ _ _ E _

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-10-31 04:19 ]
Oh, we gotta have a pointy 'A'!
Yeah, I thought Joss' evil twin Ross might rear his wicked head sooner or later.

In the future, there's twelve Josses and five of 'em are malevolent, two of 'em are splotchy, one of 'em is a cartoon, two of them are heads-in-a-jar, and one of them is the One True Joss to Rule Them All.

*does some quick math.*

Oh, and one to grow on.

ETA: I'll take a "T", Pointy.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2008-10-31 04:22 ]
S _ _ _ _ _
W _ _ A _
C _ _ _ _ _ _ E _
Bet the one to grow on is just Pensive. Pensive Joss. Yeah.

Back to the game!

*spins wheel* More money, more money!!

*tick, tick.... tick* 500 dollars!

Is there an H?
So we get to pinch #12? :D
Since he asked for vowels, how about an 'I'?
S _ _ _ _ _
W _ _ A _
CH _ _ _ _ _ E _

Hurry, it's almost too late! In a relative sense. It's pretty late.
Can it really ever be too late if one has a Time Machine? Cuz I'm thinking no.

*uses TARDIS to cut in front of NYPinTA*

There has to be an 'R'. I was thinking Chiwetel but not enough letters. Or 'E's. Or 'T's. :(
There is no I, which explains how people can be so blind!
S _ R _ _ _
W _ _ A _
CH _ _ _ _ _ E R

So close! Why, they ask Joss, why . . ?
Hey! No frontsies backsies!
M. If it's what I think it is, there are at least a couple of O's.

ETA: Oh, wait, no T's. :(

[ edited by cabri on 2008-10-31 04:31 ]
I want it to be 'strong woman character' just cuz it fits so well in both senses of the word. :(
Ordinarily, anyone who takes two turns destroys the universe. But we're running out of time, precious, infinite, ever travellable . . . here:

S _ R O _ _
W O M A _
CH _ _ _ _ _ E _
So, cabri isn't right?
If I'm right, Pointy cheated. *eyes Pointy suspiciously*
Unless they spell one of those three words differently in this universe that split off from the one we've all come to know and love. Crap. Like spelling wasn't hard for me before! Now I have to deal with temporal alternatives?
Looks like Cabri won all the money - even if she did use her personal TARDIS to cut in front of NYPinTA!
Well, we know it's not Hot Strong Woman Character on Strong Woman Character Action, because then, well, Dark Whedon . . .

The T looked like an 'I' with things around it. Universe saved. New game.
Hey! You can't go back ETA a T! That's time travel!
Heh heh heh. My secret's safe with me.

Oh! The last A is for Action! *gets it now*

ETA- whoops. Four posts late.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-10-31 04:40 ]
Or were you . . . four years too soon?
You guys are cheating at Hangman? That's really sad.
btw: are all the mods sleeping or what? :)
Well ... I did cheat. I admit it since there were so many witnesses. :( *sadly gives up personal TARDIS and walks away*
My "T" was an "ETA" so it was left in the dust fairly...

<.<. .>.>

Wait, that's not right.

✍ ✈ ✉ ✌ !!!
*swoops in to "borrow" cabri's TARDIS* One peek at some lotto numbers won't hurt, right?

ETA: someday, someone is going to have to teach me how you all do that cool stuff that ends up looking like prison bars to bix.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-10-31 04:45 ]
Hmmm. Those particular ones look like prison bars to me too. Must be related to the cheating.

Not that b!Xy would be a cheater.
Did the first 6 posts actually take that seriously?
Are you insinuating that the later posts aren't serious?
Considering 3 of the first 6 posts were me, Pointy, and Sunfire, I'm not sure how to respond to that.
I think he meant 1st and 6th and not "first 6". (Different universe now. Things are different here.) ;P

Edit: Cuz Saje pointed out that the sex was wrong.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-10-31 15:27 ]
Dana5140 - I think they more just didn't didn't find it funny, rather than they took it seriously - humor, like many things, is entirely subjective & sometimes a fragile thing...

However, my rebus-posts are no laughing matter. Seriously.

(Thanks for the game, Pointy-one.)
*rebuts QG's rebus posts* :P
Rebus? I ran all the way here because I thought there was rhesus. Mmm, monkey.
I have to stop seeing these things 1st on Twitter. It's not good for your heart, I hear.
Not funny. =/
I think she meant 1st and 6th and not "first 6".

Dana5140 has man parts (I don't mean in a jar on "her" desk either ;).

'Echo' is doomed to fail from the off. How do you market something like that ? 'Deadly Echo' or 'Killer Cuties' on the other hand stinks of franchise. Really, it's like art crawled in here and died, it reeks so much.

And I predict Dark Whedon's Return will completely revolutionise the whole area of writer/director/macramé experts, we'll look back on this day and wonder how we managed with just this much forehead.
Yep, I'm officially nominating this thread for the prestigious 'whedonesqueian funny'-award.

Also: those are some nice-looking giant cubes there, QG. What are they supposed to be again? ;).
After that rousing game of Hangman, I'm eagerly awaiting the SweepsWeek crossover of Dollhouse and Deal or No Deal!

P.S. I just have to share that my daughter, a high school sophomore, just left for school dressed as Dr. Horrible.
Hey! Where's my bottle of tequila?
That's pathetic.
OzLady My high school sophomore is also going as Dr. Horrible! Clearly we're both excellent parents.

She also convinced two of her friends to go as Capt. Hammer & Penny.
OzLady, you'll have to let us know how many of her classmates knew who she was.
GVH, QG has a writing hand, an airplane, an envelope, a hand held up in the North American victory sign and 3 exclamation marks.
a hand held up in the North American victory sign

I thought that was a rabbit shadow puppet.

(it's 'victory' over here too BTW - your palm faces inward when it's a "two-fingered salute" ;)
Very funny. And totally spot on in my opinion.
That hangman game made my morning. You guys is funny :).

(And since we were discussing emoticons with double-chins a while back... does anybody else think that putting a period after their emoticon makes it look like it has a chin wart? I feel sad for all my warty emoticons. Still, they look happy.)
catherine, not a wart. It's a beauty mark. ;)

And I thought the American Victory sign was actually QG singing Little Bunny Foo Foo.
Oh, I thought that was a bunny, too. But I was thinking "Life in Hell" more than "foo foo."
Hmm, I can't figure out the last word, and I "prolly" got the first 2 wrong. Has too many letters for what my first guess was; given the level of minds around here (hrrmmmphph) I thought it was something you wrote on the back of a letter envelope meaning "Sealed With C*m."

[ edited by DaddyCatALSO on 2008-10-31 19:17 ]
I know its Halloween and all, but do we really have to bring up those horrid little creatures in this otherwise entertaining thread?
I can't see QG's little icons, nor Nebula1400's either, but the thread is still making me laugh.

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone!
Hey PaulFromSunnydale! Don't be calling our kids "horrible little creatures! ;-). ( I know you're not refering to them)

I'm guessing a lot of kids will know who my daughter is dressed as since she's wearing a Dr. Horrible t- shirt under her lab coat and has a GSA meeting after school (not to play into stereotypes or anything ;-)
Just when I think I'm following the thread ... it all unravels on me. But, my bunnies are home and need help getting costumed up for tonight.

Oh, and jcs and OzLady, congrats on the parenting skills. My offspring (while enjoying all things Whedon) think I'm a little off the deep end and none considered Dr. Horrible costumes. I especially love the idea of the Dr. Horrible/Captain Hammer/Penny friends! Too bad no groupies.
jcs: "OzLady My high school sophomore is also going as Dr. Horrible! Clearly we're both excellent parents.

She also convinced two of her friends to go as Capt. Hammer & Penny.

Can't wait to see pics from both of you with all your progeny and their friends! :) And if you can track down QG at the showing tonight, jcs, a shot of the two of you in costume would be even better. :)

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