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October 31 2008

Christian Kane says thanks to his fans. With a video message on his myspace page he thanks his fans for giving him a million plays of his songs on myspace. He is on the Leverage set and Tim Hutton stops by during the taping.

Ok can he be a bigger sweetie. :)

BTW according to TNT Leverage is going to begin airinng Dec 10, but Christian says Dec 7th in the video. I guess we will see.

According to the TNT Leverage press release, the premiere is Sunday, Dec 7 at 10PM. Then it'll be airing new episodes on Tuesdays at 10PM starting that next Tuesday, December 9th.
awww Awesome vid. And Leverage is well worth checking out.
Thanks for this RavenU. I can't wait for Leverage, and not just because of Christian. Although .... is it just me, or does he keep getting more gorgeous? ;-)

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