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October 30 2008

20 Classic Films Recreated in LEGO. They use the term "classic" pretty liberally, but Serenity is one of 20 films Toy Zone has recreated using those fun building blocks we call LEGO. Cute stuff.

My favorites are the Star Wars and Casablanca ones. The Iron Giant one is pretty impressive, too.

I'm not sure about the Casablanca one--Rick seems to be wearing a dress, which I don't think happens in the movie. I think too that Star Wars and Indiana Jones are a little easy since I'm pretty sure there are lego lines for those products.

But obviously The Iron Giant is very impressive. Some pretty creative framing for The Matrix, The Graduate, and Dr. Strangelove.

Quite good.
I think The Graduate may be my favorite - there's nothing like viewing a well-turned and shapely... um, block for a spot of lust and seduction.
Diggin' the Matrix action. Thought the Serenity one was snoozy by comparison
Love that they used the Serenity Collectors Edition pic! Whoo-hoo!
I love the Leon one, awesomeness.
Thought the Serenity one was snoozy by comparison

I think it's pretty good. The lighting is good, with the flares. And the body language is true to the "No grenades!" exchange.
Am I the only one who thinks the Titanic one looks a little...wrong? Or has my mind just been spending too much time in the gutter?
I dunno, Lego Kate looks happy enough, how wrong can it be ? ;)
I still think that even the edited version is too boring.
I love the Pulp Fiction one. (and omg Kate Winslet was sort of mentioned on Whedonesque. she's my favorite person. ever!! to Joss)
The Life Aquatic one made me grimace...

Who likes that film enough to sit down and Lego-ize it?
I love The Life Aquatic...
I like Life Aquatic too. Seen it in the theater on Christmas day....whatever year it came out.
Rather, still pictures from movies.
I love that they did the Iron Giant.

A WAY under-rated movie, and an even more under-rated book!
death is my gift, that was when I saw it too! (It was 2004.)

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