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October 31 2008

Last minute Halloween costume ideas. Look at the first suggestion!

Last minute my goram rear. There wasn't a single part of my Dr. H costume that wasn't a complete headache. Still, I am pretty happy with the finished product.
Or, the easiest and cheapest one of all: get a nametag and go as God. :)
An entire nametag ?? That sounds like a lot of work.
I tried to bribe my son into dressing up as Dr. Horrible (so I could be Penny) but he was dead set on being one of The Idea Men. We still haven't found the right mask so he'll probably end up being Stephen Colbert instead.
Dr. Horrible would have been so much cooler.
He could be Stephen Colbert as Dr. Horrible. That would be coolest of all.

I dunno, a Dr. Horrible costume seems rather complicated compared to my Captain Hammer costume, which is just the shirt, gloves, boots, and cargo pants. And then there's my friend's Buffy costume, which consists of temporarily dying her hair blonde, putting on clothes she already owns, and taking a piece of wood from her backyard.
I tried to bribe my son into dressing up as Dr. Horrible (so I could be Penny) but...

...but that's a little creepy?
I've already run into one Dr. Horrible today. Promptly took a picture with him, then spent the next ten minutes in full squee mode. (Which, as this was in public, alarmed a few people--but hey, who needs dignity on Halloween, right?) As for putting together a cheap costume, a tactic I've found to be rather successful involves first raiding Goodwill and then supplimenting any still missing articles by making them out of duct tape. Hence how I managed to include a tricorn and corset in my pirate wench costume.
Last minute? Ha. My sister was going to go as part of a group- her as Penny, her sort-of-boyfriend as Doctor Horrible, and his brother as Captain Hammer, but they had to scrap it, since their options to get the right coat were either to get it A) on time, or B) for a reasonable price. She was of the opinion that, if you're not going to do it right, don't do it at all, so that was out the window.

(Seriously, my sister was never really much into geeky things as I until lately, and I am oh-so-proud of her.)

I'm going with my idea of putting on my bathrobe, grabbing my good, heavy staff, and going as Harry Dresden.
Hey - I'm new here, so I can't post headlines yet, but if someone wants to post this, MTV thinks Nathan would make a good Preacher:

Casting Call: Who Should Be In Sam Mendes’ ‘Preacher’ Movie?
I'm always a zombie. Old clothes, frizzy hair, green makeup, fake blood. It's easy! Plus you don't have to talk to people, just grunt and threaten to eat their brains.
bix, the only creepy part is me trying to sing.
I'm going home to do some laundry... so that's as close to dressing up as Penny as I am going to get at this late hour.
I ended up being a moth.
Happy Halloween Everyone!

I wasn't going to do anything this year. Last year I went as Anderson Cooper's Hair (the only description I managed to conjure for that silver radioactive dress). Some guy in the club ended up on the floor smelling my feet after asking to do so politely. So naturally, tonight I'm going as a Dominatrix.
Hi, I'm also new! I don't know about the dressing up part, but in my area last year we didn't get a single trick or treater.I did dress up as a dolphin one year.
Welcome, Taaroko, Olya, Little Green Kid and all other Scooby newbies I missed in search of the "also"!
I just got back from The Rocky Horror Picture show at the local theater. And just who turned out to be our MC for the night? Why, it was none other than Captain Hammer himself (in a very spiffy ensemble, might I add; looked exactly like the original). Oh, and there was a really cool guy dressed as Ash from the Evil Dead (boomstick and all). ;)
My Terminator didn't go exactly as planned - cheap "scar skin" is just that. Cheap. Also gross, sticky, full of cotton and not at all "easy to use!". Grr. Did I mention gross?

And the liquid latex? Basically rather tacky glue. Sigh.

But I did use the pieces I'd cut out of latex & painted silver, and did take second place @work.

Got home in time to hand out candy to a couple kids, and then did one of the quickest costume changes I've ever done and scared a dozen or so more as a Ringwraith. Quickly ran out of candy; who knew two bags didn't go that far?

The problem, to me, of going as something like Penny or Cassandra (As that other link mentioned) is having to explain your costume to the vast majority of people. Whereas if you go as Vader no explanation necessary.

One kid showed up in a white T-shirt that was slit front & back and blue jeans. Not a clue what he was supposed to be.
Not a clue what he was supposed to be.

James Dean after the accident?

Edit: that was so wrong!

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I'm dressed up as Rachel Maddow. Or, you might say, The Reminder to Vote. I'll be posting a pic in the Obama thread in the Whedonesque flickr group.

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Fairies, fairies, nothing but FAIRIES!! Every time I opened the door there was another fairy!
I was a fairy. Unfortunately, I decided to do something CREATIVE and more inexpensive and henna wings onto my back. The result was that nobody knew what the hell I was. I should have just worn the awful-looking cheap wings from Hot Topic. :(
Aaaaaaahhh, have been offline for a month so missed seeing this story, just to say that I went out with my little sister on Hallowe'en and she dressed up as Dr. Horrible! Swimming goggles, a lab coat borrowed from me (I work in a lab), helpful badges saying 'Dr. Horrible, PhD' and 'Evil League of Evil', black washing up gloves and an amazing plastic transformer 'freeze-ray' gun (transforms into a sword), which cost ten pounds but was so worth it (also has flashing lights and makes cool noises).

I dressed up as a nun. My own friends didn't recognise me. And if I do say so myself, I was mistaken three times for a real nun, even though it was Hallowe'en.

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