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October 31 2008

(SPOILER) Angel:Aftermath tidbit from Buffyfest. Author Kelley Armstrong was quoted about a new character in the follow up to 'After the Fall'

A new character that's a were-cat?Interesting.It's something we haven't seen in the verse yet and I guess it makes sense since we have werewolves.
Waaah! No fair! They must have an in-house psychic who keeps picking my brains. In my "Children of the Dale" futurefics I have Oz married to a werepanther named Jayneesha.

Sorry couldn't resist. seriously, cutlures all over the world have lots of weres,a s well as other shape-shifters, so it's good they're branching out. And also "internally realistic."
I knew there'd be a were something. It is Kelly Armstrong, after all.
all i can say is PLLLLLLEASE get Angel and Spike and Fredllyria out of HELL!!!! I'm loving After the Fall, but I really think it's time to get them back to Earth. We gotta see a Buffy-Angel-Spike reunion soon, or I'm going to bust!
A were-cat? Sounds cool. I'm looking forward to reading Kelley Armstrong's continuation of Angel's story.
I also read on Slayalive forum that Chris Ryall has stated that "Angel will go long past 25..."

Please let it be a werekitty!

Something evil and sinister in me loves the thought of cute little creatures that suddenly turn into monsters on you.
Can't wait to see what she does. I love Kelley Armstrong!
Ugh...I really wish Dark Horse could regain the rights to Angel for some much crossover goodness! And eventually (a long, long time from now), a conclusion of the Buffyverse with decent miniseries here and there.
No, no conclusions! I want never-ending verseness!!
Dark Horse can use Angel, and Spike and the rest of the crew (it was part of the deal with IDW) they just can't run an Angel comic. Or something like that.
Yeah, it's cool that they have free use of Angel, Spike, and everyone (I mean they've already at least appeared in Buffy Season 8, albeit in a dream and without lines). It'll make sense for the two gangs' paths to cross eventually, the bigger these world events get.

I do want a conclusion to it all though, eventually. I know we're in it (well, Buffy at least) for at least another three or four years. Assuming Season 8 still sticks to 40-something issues and we get Season 9 like they're estimate is based on the assumption that the majority of the rest of Season 8 will come out on time and Season 9 will be shorter, but it could easily be just as long or longer than Season 8, which is kinda scary from a buyer's and do-I-really-wanna-be-invested-in-this-universe-for-that-many-more-years-of-my-life perspective...I mean I hope [and okay, pretty well trust] that the comic will continue to be good throughout and I won't just be hanging around to see how it all ends, but...agh, story needs to end so I can spend even more time of my life away from the Buffyverse reading and discussing other stuff, both new properties by Joss and the vast amount of other quality material by other writers out there.

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