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October 31 2008

(SPOILER) Dollhouse casting call for episode seven. New details for an upcoming episode of the highly anticipated show.

I like the "Possibly Recurring" tag because it reinforces that this show will last for a while and use the introduction of new characters to support the show's evolution. (Similar to the introduction of Tara, Oz, Anya, Spike, etc.)
Gah! If only I was in L.A. right now!

And ok, the ovary thing might be a bigger issue on this one. But I totally have the PNW vibe. I'm wearing fleece at work! With plaid underneath!
Where do the critics call it that?
I heard that the full tag is "possibly recurring if the series isn't cancelled immediately by dastardly executives" but that's too long for the site. Whedon Alert to... Oh wait, I said I'd stop.
I may possibly rephrase the subject line.
Damn, I only look at these things for the titles. Ohhh well.
I clicked from there over to the Heroes Spoilers and it said that Seth Green was guest starring in a November sweeps episode, but no mention of his role in the description. Did I miss something? Or is this even true?
Seth is doing a stint on Heroes of some sort, yes.
Not a happy time for me to think about the fact that the show is in CA. If it was in New York, I would stalk the forums for possible auditions. It would be such an honor to be considered for a part in Dollhouse and meet Jossy... *metaphorical sigh*
theonetruebix, I literally don't know. I meant to say something else. It made sense at the time. I promise. I think I meant "symbolic" since it's internet and you can't really sigh on the internet and I accidentally mixed those and now I'm having verbal diarrhea.

(and now that I think about it...nobody cares about that many details)
BUt now I'm fascinated and obsessed with a metaphorical yawn, and am determined to determine for what it could be a metaphor.
*metaphorical cartwheel* Wheeeeeeeee!

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