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November 01 2008

Some new Starfury convention mini-movies. Since the last time, Sean Harry has posted highlights from his 'Not Fade Away', 'Serenity', 'Serenity 3' and 'Serenity 4' cons. They feature a whole load of your favourite actors so check'em out.

Check out the crowd seeing the Serenity trailer for the first time, good times.

I havnt been to a Starfury convention in AGES!! I do kinda miss them! Looking forward to T1 next year!
I think they're doing a Dollhouse related con next year but there's nothing up on the website about it yet.
T1 will feature Dollhouse (amongst other shows). It's 24-26th April 2009 in Birmingham.
Is that what it's called? Cheers. I had got it into my head that it was something else.
I'm going to T1 next year! The money's just been took out of my occount, I can't wait they're some amazing guests coming most whedon-related!!
A convention for a show which has not even aired yet. That's timely planning ;).

I've never been to a Starfury convention, but I went to Nocturnal 3k in... 2001, I guess?, and I'm assuming that had the same kind of atmosphere. I'd really like to go to one again one day, but all in all, they're pretty costly things to attend, if you want the full package (sleep in the con-hotel, get some pictures taken and some things signed, etcetera).
Ah fond memories....

I'm at T1 too next year. No Dollhouse guests announced yet, but I would wager that Mark Sheppard would be a possibility. That said the guest list so far is already very, very cool.
It's Dollhouse, Sarah Connor, Chuck and Dr Horrible. So it's not totally around a show that hasn't aired yet. ;) Plus the first Dollhouse guest is Amy Acker, so that's a pretty safe bet!

The Do That Girl - Sean's mentioned that he's looking at regulars only so Mark won't be at T1.

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T1 has a really classic Starfury lineup. Loads of old convention favourites and plenty of Whedonverse actors! Ive met them all before, except Zachary Levi, but im looking forward to it anyway!
Thanks RachVG - of course Amy's the first DHouse guest - I guess I'm not used to her being in the show yet - I still see Fred......

I'll go rinse my brain now.
Never had the opportunity to attend a Starfury con, but after seeing the subjects they cover, I'm kinda' looking forward to the next.
I know nothing about these. How far ahead do you have to make a reservation?
Dreamlogic - by "reservation" do you mean "buy a ticket"? If so, tickets are usually on sale up until a month or so before the convention, though on occasion they have sold out before. This is the first non-L Word convention Starfury have run that has used tiered ticketing, so I couldn't tell you when the Gold passes are likely to sell out, but you should be safe for quite a while with the standard passes.

Booking a room in the hotel, though, is something I would do as early as possible (though for T1 the convetion block hasn't been released yet, so it's safe for now). Usually the hotel just takes a credit card to reserve the room (this is a new hotel so I can't guarantee it'll be the same, but I suspect it will) and you can cancel with no charge up until around 48 hours before the event, so if you have any intention of attenting, reserving a room early just in case won't cost you anything and won't leave you needing accommodation with a sold out hotel on your hands. :)
Ah, my rocket launcher is yours.
Thanks, RachVG, that was the info I wanted. So I'll go ahead and make a room reservation and wait on the ticket.
Dreamlogic, Sean Harry is still finalising the deal with the hotel re special rates etc so you might want to hold off booking for now. Best thing to do is to keep an eye on the Starfury website.
Thanks, Hilary. I will.
How Starfury conventions how I miss thee! NFA was actually my last one! SOOOOO MUCH FUN!

But all goes well, I'll be there for T1! Fingers crossed!

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