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November 01 2008

My Favorite Bromances... io9 link with Joss and Nathan towards the bottom of the list.

Oh, that's priceless! Love it :)
Ok, but they didn't fight zombies together. That we know about. I'm just sayin'.
Well, I've heard rumors about some of those Firefly network execs, Sunfire, so who knows?!

The picture of Nathan and Joss together is absolutely, totally, going into my special 'things that crack me up' folder.

Maybe I'm tired but this is the first time I've simply sat back and thought of Harrison Ford and Nathan's acting and how similar they are in their abilities.

I'm sure this isn't revelatory but it's the first time I'm thinking it: Firefly was in part elevated because of my man-crush on Han Solo.

Han probably had a brother named Mal. I could use some stories about this brother, set in the Star Wars universe. But as long as I'm going for crazy, I'll go for a full season of Firefly instead. (But the former would be cool, too. As a private DVD. In my stocking. Thanks Santa.)
My question is - what is the dog staring at?
Shaun and Ed have to take it. Their bromance came close to dropping its 'b' a few times.

And Sam and Frodo ? Never read the books but when I watched RotK I was thinking near the end, "OK, now we definitely see Sam married cos there's no way they'll allow what is basically a gay love story in a huge film like this". I'm not one of those folk that sees every close male friendship as having homoerotic undertones but with Sam and Frodo it's pretty much just a tone IMO.

Apart from that, a lot of those seem more like sidekicks to me cos the bromantic partner isn't fleshed out enough or doesn't appear long enough for it to be a meaningful relationship.
One of my favorite bromances didn't make this list, and that is between Dante and Randal from Clerks.

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