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November 01 2008

An account of last night's Dr. Horrible screening in Los Angeles. And there was one or two special guest stars in attendance (as you can see from this video).

Please do feel free to purple pimp your own write-ups and pics in the comments section.

What the...? Would someone please translate.
Excellent write-up. Remind me to kick everyone who attended when I next see them. :P

And I understand her reserve perfectly, I didn't realize it was a fear of being annoying but that's me through and through.
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the famous people (camera problem), but here's a picture of my Horrible daughter and her nemesis if anyone wants to see that. :)

Also, in regards to the "surprising lack of enthusiasm" of the raffle winners--I think it just seemed that way because they were going so fast that by the time we figured out we'd won something they were on to the next prize. I miraculously won three things (Dresden files audio CD, Dark Horse TPB with Sugarshock in it & 2 Universal Studios tickets), but I wasn't sure what until we checked on the board in the lobby.
I understand, too. If I meet a celenrity, I make it a point to say at least one sentence that has a noun and verb, and doesn't sound too scary. There's a lot to be said about being a rabid fan with manners. Aside from that, I am glad the screening was a success. Let's hope for more official screenings soon.
I found a video so I've added that to the entry. Looks like quite the fun.
but here's a picture of my Horrible daughter and her nemesis if anyone wants to see that. :)

Damn. I was in LA *last* week. That looks like it was a lot of fun.
Sounds like a great night out was had by all!
Man, I'd SO love to see Alan Tyduk appear in another installment of Dr H- I bet he'd play a comically awesome baddie.

I'm not too sure about the writer's 'too cool for school' attitude, there's a tone of haughtiness about fanboys/gurls that comes off as being a little condescending. I understand her reasons behind wanting to retain her composure, but she's missing out on some wonderful experiences by holding back. IMHO.

Having worked 'industry adjacent' in the past, and meeting many celebs in my time, I guess the adage 'Always be yourself' is really the best way to go. (Even if, according to Joss, you suck!)
Having seen some craptacular fan behavior, I'm pretty sure (or, at least, this is how it reads to me) that she's being condescending about that, specifically, not about any and all fans who have ever approached a celebrity.

(My impression was also that she was afraid of exhibiting the worst kind of fan interaction if she even tried to interact at all. As condescending as she might have been to some fans, I think she was also partly being a bit self-critical about how SHE might behave.)

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Too true bix- I completely understand wanting to remain composed. But a polite handshake, a smile and a sentence about appreciating their efforts in ________ always seems to go down well and results in all leaving with their dignity intact.

Unlike THIS awful and embarrassing fangurl example- A middle aged woman in front of me pinching a Whedon alums backside, prodding his cheekbones and proclaiming "You're like a performing monkey at the zoo. I bet you're getting paid heaps though, so smile."
He was not impressed and was somewhat curt with everyone during the Q and A as a result. Cringe!
Wow Missb, that is a crazy fan! I met a bunch of writers and actors, Whedonverse and others, and found them to be, without exception, friendly and easy to talk to. Once the first "OMFG! IT'S (Insert Celeb Name Here)!" bit wears off you realise that, hey, they're, you know, people. Just like anyone else except richer, famouser, and more talented of course.
When I do become a highly respected writer and meet these people again at parties I know there is not a snowballs hope in hell that they will remember me so it doesn't matter if I made a fool of myself last time. Except maybe Eliza. When I see her heading my way at the Emmys I'll have to duck under a table or something. Of course then there will be a whole bunch of new celebrities who will then know me as "That creepy leg fondling guy" but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
Side note: Olivia Williams played Chaucer's wife in 'A Knight's Tale' with Alan Tudyk. The scenes were cut before release but are on the Special Edition DVD.
Very funny video, but I could use a transcript.... I loved, at the end, when Joss said that Alan Tudyk was in the room that the camera swung wildly and people squealed "Oh My God!" (he should be flattered!).
I wish I had been there, but actually I had a lot of fun here.
And for a young'un's perspective, here's my daughter's LJ.
And for a young'un's perspective, here's my daughter's LJ.

Looking at those pictures, it's freakish how much Jed looks like Kurt. But could someone please explain to me what Zack was supposed to be? He looked mainly like Zack in a weird shirt.
That is far and away my favorite write-up, jcs! Enthusiasm always triumphs over coherency. ;)
But could someone please explain to me what Zack was supposed to be? He looked mainly like Zack in a weird shirt.

Joss said he was Magnum PI
So now we know what Zack did with his Dr Horrible earnings. He bought a Ferrari!
Or maybe he bought a Higgins.
Here's my loooong blog with crappy iPhone nighttime photos about last night's L.A. DHSAB/Guild showing, because apparently my motto is "Never Say Anything With One Word When Ten or Twenty or Even Eleventy Are Available."

See? Even my mottos are long.

(jcs, I loved your daughter's write-up, it is totally the bee's knees or the cat's ass or other equally choice animal parts. Your daughter & her friend were dolls and I'm so sorry my photo of them didn't come out. ;( )
QG Great write-up! You left no moment unmentioned! I felt like I was there! :)

I like your idea for Zack's costume better. I think he should retcon that.

Also, we liked Sockubus--you should've introduced us. My A says to tell you her favorite part was the pan to the DaVinci Code. Oh, and I'll tell her you thought her post was the cat's ass. I'm sure she'll be pleased. :)
Hehehe, QG's runs a close second solely because of Sockubus. I hope she's easy to fix! I think you should include her in all your pictures next comic-con. ;-D
Yes, jcs, that was the bee's knees! Or a a barrel of monkeys puppies... (I've never heard of the term 'cat's ass').
Hee. I think I mighta made up "cat's ass" in my twenties 'cause I thought "bee's knee's" sounded too old lady. Little did I know I'd actually become one.

An old lady. Not a cat's ass. That I know of.

Thanks for the props. I write slower than black strap molasses in January.
My lady, you'll still a charm to us!
So what is Jed's fascination with being dead musicians? Even when they are not yet actually dead?
Thanks for all the writeups. Aside from the wait, it sounds like it was great fun.
If I meet a celenrity, I make it a point to say at least one sentence that has a noun and verb ..."

This is why I always say "Jesus wept" to any celebrities I meet.

"... and doesn't sound too scary."


That sounds like great fun, thanks everyone for the write-ups. You guys rule so hard, it's just a matter of time until you have actual power and can give me that small country we talked about.

(and I didn't get a bad vibe from the posted account, she's just keen not to say the wrong thing a) because that's bad and b) because it could be professionally damaging. Gotta say though, I think a fear of being annoying isn't all bad - it's one of the more sensible fears IMO, like being afraid of talking in the cinema or spiders which are evil and probably from space)
That's super. Maurissa's later pictures have folks playing around on the Dollhouse set in costume. That looks so fun.
Maurissa's photos are great. I especially like Batman and Robin and that Joss's assistant showed up to the office party dressed as Joss.
I don't suppose her pictures are up anywhere else? I have a thing against Facebook.
It's a honest note, think we should leave it at that.
Batman and Robin in the Dollhouse bed! Worlds collide.
And in one picture of Maurissa's, I see our own QG!
Steven S. DeKnight is the mother******* Batman.
And in one picture of Maurissa's, I see our own QG!

Standing behind Ninja Ropes Nathan?

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It won't lemme look - says content is currently unavailable - I'm logged in, but mayhaps I hafta to be her "friend"? I sent a request, but dunno if the photos have been taken down or summat, or if i just can't view 'em...

Anybody snag any of the photos? She asked with some trepidation...
Either it's been removed or made non-public.
Bummer. I wanted to see these - even including - potentially - one of me and my chins.
My friend and I went as two of the three Badhorse messenger/henchmen guys and people were asking to take pictures with us left and right. I was wondering if anyone had those and uploaded them someplace?
Facebook, through some process beyond my ken, tells me that supervillain Miss Fortune attended last night's singalong, and here is her (previously unseen) (by me) ELE application. Look out, White Queen!

ETA Is there tragicomic potential, BPD, in a brainy but awkward young woman who finds she can assert herself finally, but only, through supervillainy? Kind of along Buffy's theory that Halloween is time to Come As You Aren't, she finds that she can be her bad self only when she's her truly, madly, deeply bad self? And like Buffy, she has a hard time making the super and normal parts of her identity work together. "I think I frighten men off, and not just when I threaten their lives."

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Ignore this, I thought I was in a deletion-imminent thread.

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More YouTubers singing Dr. Horrible songs complete with bloopers.
Thanks for the lovely writeup and the shoutout, QG :)
. . . and the character of Lady Brick can explore the tragedy of getting too much love as a child.
It's a terrible thing, Pointy. Just awful. Dare I say... horrible?
You Tube review of the screening, with audio of everyone singing.
Linky Goodness

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