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November 01 2008

Dr. Horrible in new iPod book. Mini shout-out to Dr. Horrible in latest edition of "iPod: The Missing Manual".

"iPod: The Missing Manual", 7th edition, by J.D. Biersdorfer and David Pogue. In the section on playing iTunes videos on your TV using an iPod, there's a picture of an iPod Nano connected to a TV, which is playing a scene from Dr. Horrible (NPH hiding behind a bush, looking grim.)

Couldn't find a link that shows the picture, but the book is worth getting if you have an iPod and want more information on how to use it. While I love me some Dr. Horrible, not sure it's worth the price for that picture alone :-)

tried searching for it, but nothing...

mini shout out in "MC Chris" song "NRRRD GRRRL"

"non-dr. horrible"
I was at Barnes & Noble checking out a book on using an Apple TV, and it had a screenshot from Jaynestown in it. Thought that was neat. I think it was the Pocket Guide to Apple TV.

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