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November 02 2008

Five attention-getting turns. The New York Times praises Alexa Davalos for her performance in 'Defiance'.

Mia Wasikowska also has a role in this flic. She was the great find of In Treatment, and nabbed the role of Alice in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland."
I wanted her for "Wonder Woman" when Joss was doing it -- she's even greek. Surprised that they didn't keep Gwen around in the televised seasons.
I believe they intended to bring her back, but there were availability issues; she was doing The Chronicles of Riddick around the time of Angel S5.
Yeah, didn't they even have a whole recurring arc for her planned ? Or was she maybe intended to be a regular, even ? (I dunno about that though. They had budget restrictions that kept Stephanie Romanov from reprising Lilah, so unless Alexa Davalos came as cheap as Sarah Thompson did for Eve, they probably wouldn't have been able to have her full time). I liked what we got of Gwen, though. I especially liked her episode with Gunn and their playful chemistry/scenes.

I just saw Davalos in a relatively minor role in the Thomas Jane-helmed The Mist a week ago. I liked it a lot.

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Frank Darabont helmed. Thomas Jane starred.
TeddyKGB, you mean the leading actor isn't the one stearing the movie?! That's news to me ;)

I found it strange that Freddy Rodriguez was on that list. I know he's not a huge name but he was a regular on Six Feet Under and had a lead role in "Planet Terror."

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