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November 03 2008

Nick Brendon announced for HalloWhedon. Massive Events announces that Xander Harris will be attending their three day event.

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Cool. I'm very pleased with this announcement!
I got very confused until I realized they were talking about 2009.
I'm just surprised that Hallowhedon has never been used as a term before. Kudos to whoever came up with it.
Oooh, great news. I only started going to conventions from Firefly onwards so haven't been to any Buffy cons. Lets just hope any work NB gets fits in with the dates!
Our Joss, who art a genius, hallowed be thy name.
Thy Buffy Summers, thy Malcolm Reynolds, and Angel of no surname,
Engaged us for nine years, and brought to us much joy and many tears.

And....ok. That's all I can come up with. we know for sure Nick's going to be a guest? I it announced on his official site, or is this another one of those "We'd really like actor X, but we haven't talked to their agent yet, so we'll just say they're coming and hope they'll agree" things?

Holy run-on sentence, Batman!
I think it's harsh to say "another one" that wasn't booked when you have no evidence of a "first one"!!
Nick attended one of this company's events in Glasgow less than two months ago, so they're unlikely to be pretending.
Nevermind. Uncaffeinated.

But, it was a fair question, given the conflicting reports on the other matter, and how often fandom's gotten burned the last couple of years.

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No longer relevant after bix's edit.

And I made this edit before seeing the reply saying to see the edit. heh.

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Yes, see my edit. ;)

ETA the coining of the term "edit carnage".

(Suffice it to say, I rambled about the above SQ remark not being about this event, but another recent event where there was controversy, all of which was wrong, because it's all about the same event, and I had not yet had any coffee.)

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I think half the problem with people getting uptight about conventions are because of people doubting announcements, people have commented on this blog that have attended this companies events in the past. I think time will tell how this event is going to go.
I just checked with Nick. He says he is scheduled to appear at the convention.

And I agree. I can't believe no one's ever used the name before.
Good news! I would like to see Nick again and here's to some more interesting guests. A couple more and I'd splash out on a ticket even!
Agree "Hallowhedon" is a great name.
Bet he doesn't show up
Bob D, RachVG, theonetruebix Yes, partly I was referring to the earlier Robia LaMorte...problem, but also to another (now defunct) convention series that had the very bad habit of announcing actors before they had them locked, and then later having to post a "Suchandsuch regrets they'll be unable to attend due to work conflicts" announcement...when they were never even an actual guest to begin with.

And this particular con didn't do it just once, but several times; two that I know of for a fact (One because I heard it straight from the actor in question, one from the convention holder herself) were Anthony Head & Alexis Denisof. In Anthony's case they never asked him, and he found out from fans that he was "scheduled" for the other convention, and in Alexis' case it was "We'll announce we have him, but we can't afford him so we'll just say 'work commitments' after we've sold some tickets."

(And this isn't hearsay - at the time the con holder was chatting w/me because she wanted me to be on her staff, and she told me personally that was the case w/Alexis.)

This particular convention went belly-up recently due to many things, announcing guests that weren't signed being just one.

I know nothing about this company/group, so I'm not saying this is the case with their convention. I was merely wondering if there was anything "officially official" - Tony's site will list any upcoming conventions or otherwise public appearances in the news section.
Darn it, that's 16558 kilometers away from me. Unfortunate, rather.
ShadowQuest all the more reason to listen to those of us who have been to both their weekend conventions and their signing events, they will make it fun no matter what happens with guests announcements and cancellations, I personally have never attended an event with more attention to detail than their first Heroes convention, where yes they did make mistakes but they admitted them (there and then I might add) and put in place measures to rectify them.
I have to agree with fallenwiccan. Other conventions may have screwed people about but guest announcements should be received with excitement, not suspicion and it's a sad state of affairs if this is no longer the case. Not all event organisers are equal!

Showmasters have had some great Whedonverse guests at their previous events - I think this is the third event (at least) that Nick's done for them and people like James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter have also done repeat events. So here's hoping they manage to put together a great line-up for this one. The only downside with this one is that it's still a year off!
In the current climate, I'd be a little suspicious of new organisers and their like, but these guys have been doing this a long time and, as has been mentioned, have attracted many top Whedonverse people to their events before, so I have no problem with their announcements.
Unfortunately the few convention runners that do announce guests before they have signed a contract, make it hard for the genuine convention runners. The nature of conventions is that it is almost inevitable that at least one guest may have to cancel. The guests are working actors, and their work committments have to come first. This then leaves convention runners open to the criticism that the guest was never going to attend in the first place.

Although Massive Events in itself is a relatively new company, it is a sister company of Showmasters who have been running 'collectors fair' type events for some years, and as others have said, they have had many big Whedonverse guests at their events. So they definitely have the contacts. I am considering going to this event, even if it's just to hang out with like-minded friends on Halloween, and I wouldn't consider it at all if it wasn't an established and proven company. I, like many others, have been bunrt in the past.

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