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November 03 2008

Georges Jeanty talks Buffy season 8. A very enjoyable interview with the comic book artist.

and Giles will be coming back at some point

Hooray! And also, did we know this? I don't recall seeing it mentioned, but I've severely missed Giles.
Also Faith. Yay.
Yeah we knew Giles and Faith were coming back and we already have an idea of when but still nice to hear.

Good interview and glad to hear the scheduling cleared up.
"Eeee-yawn...anudder goblin?' Ooops, wrong comic strip.
I really like Jeanty. I think he is a fantastic choice for BS8.
Good interview and all, but whoa, unexpectedly abrupt and morbid end.
Yes it was a bit maudlin. But on the whole I enjoy Georges' interviews, he goes into a lot of detail about his work.
Yeah, that final question came a little out of nowhere. My greatest fear is dying before I know how Lost ends, but there you go. ;)

Good interview and even though it wasn't exactly news that Faith and Giles are coming back, it's always nice to hear. Better to hear about them getting a spin-off series of their own but I'll take what I can get.
Wow, hadn't heard of this before:

"Note: Be sure to check out Jeanty’s official website for a killer deal – with each copy purchased of his new Buffy: The Sketch Book # 2, Monsieur Georges will throw in a free head sketch of your fave Buffy character."

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