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November 03 2008

Seth Green talks about plans to direct "Freshmen" movie. In an interview with io9, he talks about his plans to direct a movie version of his "Freshmen" comic book. He also hopes to get some movie-making advice from George Lucas and Joss Whedon. Meanwhile, he also talks about what he wore for Halloween, the next Robot Chicken Star Wars spoof on the 16th, and his upcoming appearances on "Heroes" and "Entourage."

Digging out my stack of Freshmen books right now. I hope this happens, Seth is so much fun.
Jeez, I hope he knows how to cherry pick the Lucas advice.

'Freshmen' could make a pretty decent movie (though i'm sceptical they can make the 'Long Dong' character work onscreen, 'R' rating or not) though there're a lot of ways it could become Yet Another College Gross-Out Comedy too (and The Beaver was a beaver, it wasn't someone that became an animal).
Well, I can see this thread quickly heading for the gutter. Saje, you are bad. Bad, I say. :)
Well, it's a fair cop, guv BUT that's an actual character from the comic Mysticslug, honest injun, dib dib dib etc. Oh and the beaver is an actual beaver (that becomes super intelligent but is still obsessed with dam building ;) - again, not a euphemism or a Saje created addition but a real character from the comics.
So the question is can I keep holding on to the last little bit of interest I have in Heroes long enough to stick around for Seth's appearance?

I'll try but no promises. That show is really testing my loyalty. Character development? Try random and totally unnatural character recreation. Sylar managed a personality turnaround in one episode that took Spike six seasons of BtVS to accomplish. Never have I been so let down by the creative implosion of a series that I once loved.

Okay, maybe Sliders.

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