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July 30 2003

(SPOILER) Buffy the Broadway musical? Joss tells all. "It would involve telling the story as a musical, a whole new story. It would kind of be like 'Buffy Year One'."

Similar interview to this one but with some interesting details about how a musical could come about.

Buffy on Broadway? That's something I'd like to see.

Oh God, please no.
Oh God, please yes!!
The chances of it happening are, to say the least, remote.
But what about the musical of the Oliver North hearings? I'm waiting for that, Joss! Would some Bach influence be detected = CONTRApuntal? (Sorry, couldn't resist).
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Remote? That's what they said about a broadway musical based off the works of Billy Joel. Cows do go home, the moon does sometimes turn a shade of blue, and hell on rare occasion, does freeze over.

There's too much story though. Just "Buffy Year One" isn't enough. It means we never see Spike, for one thing. But would the Scoobies be just Buffy, Giles, Xander & Willow? Would there be no Anya or Tara? No Oz or Riley? Angel HAS to be in the mix somewhere if you're talking Buffy Year One, but so much of the story is left on the cutting room floor. So many favorite characters wind up missing. Are Jonathan and Amy even mentioned? Would Buffy have Dawn as a little sister? In the original story, she never existed until year five, but in the animated series they were going to include her anyway.

Plotwise, they're actually gonna have to mix up highlights from the first three years into a stage version of the play. This means that they have to pick a major villian. Either The Master, The Mayor, or Spike, Dru & Angelus. They can't do all of them. There's not enough time in a broadway musical. Frankly trying to squeeze the tale of the slayer into one evening would either make absolutely no sense, or leave the audience wanting more.

Personally I'd rather they just turned "Once More With Feeling" into a standalone story. I still have the CD and listen to it periodically. Great stuff. I'd love to see Walk Through The Fire choreographed live on stage.

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