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November 04 2008

Whedon Speak: Into the Fray. iFanboy continues their series of articles on Joss' works with a look at his future Slayer mini-series.

Whedon writes strong characters because they are vulnerable. They worry and fall down and fail and get back up again. If they have any power at all, it is often a liability. They are not fearless, and thatís pretty much what makes them brave. They donít saunter, and if they do, they stumble. They get nervous. They doubt themselves. Confidence aint no thing if there isnít some fear as contrast. And total confidence? Thatís both boring and silly. These boys and girls, men and women and demons, they often doubt their ability, their stamina, their strength. But they go through with it anyway. whatever it is.

I don't think I've ever seen this put in a better way. So quote it I will.
Hit the nail right on the head with that comment, they did.
Joss as reporter: "Why do you write such strong women characters?"
Joss as Joss: "Because you keep asking me that question."

And wow, I didn't expect Meryl Streep to be introducing Joss in the embedded Equality Now clip. Maybe she'll show up in the 'verse one day, you never know...

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