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November 04 2008

Firefly Bluray Viral Site is live. The Persephone Interstellar Travel Agency has started a "Travel Blog" to share stories and deals.

They also have a Twitter account.

Interstellar? I thought they only populated one system.
Yea, there's no interstellar flight in Firefly.

OH well.
Also, they might want to look into the spelling of the actor's names. Fillian? Really? (On the flickr photos)
Well, if it was a system with more than one star in it, it'd qualify as interstellar. Sort of.

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Yea, there's no interstellar flight in Firefly.

That's okay, we have the World Series here in American baseball and we don't invite anyone from outside the U.S. to participate.
Sure, just ignore Canadia (home of the Canadian team). Bloody typical.

Yea, there's no interstellar flight in Firefly.

There's implied interstellar flight though (they had to get there somehow).

I think space-flight within a binary system (trinary ? quaternary ? Brain tickles say anything over binary is unstable for planetary formation but anyone with more of the knowing please correct me if i'm wrong) would still be intra-stellar - it's still one solar system, it just has more than one sol ;).
Well, Canada is like the 52nd state (you live in the 51st if New Model Army is to be believed ;)). Yes, I am joking, I had a morning slip of the brain there.
Fair play, reading it back I think I implied the whole show takes place inside a star. If we just keep our heads down I bet no-one notices ;).

(and yay, we're totally higher than Canada. We're number 51, we're number 51 !)
Well, to be fair, there are a number of states I would put you above, having just spent over a week (mostly in Yorkshire) over in the UK again ;). Heads down, stiff upper lip, onward and upward!
Yorkshire would probably put themselves above the rest of Britain too - you'll occasionally hear a Yorkshireman joke about independence with that kind of "ha ha, only serious" look on his face ;).

(yay again, we're possibly in the 40s, we're possibly in the 40s ! ;)
FYI, is going to be having a 25% off sale starting Friday and everything will be an additional 25% off their current prices. Right now, the Firefly BD is $57.85. If that price holds up, with the 25% off, it'll be $43.39 with free shipping in the US. I figured that'd be a good price for everyone.
Looks like they have explained the "interstellar" thing and corrected the spelling of Nathan's name. Seems like someone is listening.
They travelled from our solar system to the new one. That's interstellar. Ta dah!
I'll be getting one of those Firefly Blu-Rays even though I can't figure out how I'll be able to play it too.

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