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November 04 2008

Drew Z. Greenberg announced as part of production and writing team for "Warehouse 13". The show is slated to debut in July 2009, with the pilot which was penned by Jane Espenson, who left the show earlier this year.

David Simkins who was an producer in Angel during the first half of the 4th season, serves as one of the Executive producers of the show.

I hope he's not leaving Dexter.
I'm not sure he's still on 'Dexter', he hasn't been credited since season 1.

Even with Jane E's early involvement this doesn't grab me that hard but I may take a look given Drew Z and Saul Rubinek are working on it (very likeable performer IMO).
Is Rockne O'Bannon not attached to this anymore, either?
I don't think so (though he may still get a writing credit), think he just did a draft of the pilot script (like Jane) and then handed it on to other writers so that the show that makes it to air may well not have much (or any) input from either of them.
I look forward to tuning in, at least once, to give it a shot.

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