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November 05 2008

Happy Birthday Armin Shimerman! Mr. Shimerman appeared as Principal Snyder in 19 episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

"Summers, You Drive Like A Spaz!"

But he'll always be Quark to me. =)
Happy birthday, Mr. Shimerman!
Love him as Snyder, but like alcabongtv, for 7 glorious years he sparred with Odo, and that's how I'll always love him most.
Yeah that's one of the great sci-fi friendships IMO (in fact Bashir/O'Brian - same show obviously - is another) both actors played it very subtly (and through a load of prosthetics too).

Happy birthday Mr Armin Shimerman esq. and many more. I'd say infinity more but that's impossible - in fact, it's just the kind of woolly-headed liberal thinking that gets people eaten ;).
Happy birthday indeed :). Fantastic, wherever he turns up (love the Quark/Odo stuff and will need to revisit at some point in the not too distant future).
I cant believe how many roles he's played. Damn!
in fact, it's just the kind of woolly-headed liberal thinking that gets people eaten ;).

In a show with so many stand-out lines that you'd have to cart them around in a truck to remember them all, that line has always been one of my absolute favorites, as a perfect summation of the conservative attitude to liberalism.

And how much do I love the fact that Principal Snyder ended his own career by being eaten.

Incidentally just recently rewatched "The Pack" with a friend I have been introducing to Buffy and he was stunned by that development, even though I had told him _in advance_ that Principal Flutey gets eaten. He thought I'd meant it in some metaphorical way. I had to tell him, when someone gets eaten on Buffy, they get eaten.

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Another shout-out to how great an actor Armin Shimerman is, his channeling of Marlon Brando in "Restless" was freakin' amazing.
Principal Snyder may have been "an impotent nazi with a bug up his butt the size of an emu" as Cordelia said, but I always loved the actor who portrayed him! It's nice to see that he continues to be so busy.

Happy birthday Armin Shimerman!
Dude, you were the worst authority figure ever! Congratulations on a job superbly done, and Happy Birthday, Armin!
If I'd been asked how many episodes of BtVS Armin had appeared in I would have guessed a good bit higher than 19. Doesn't seem enough, considering you are talking three seasons and a cameo type appearance in Restless.

Loved Snyder. Well, actually couldn't stand the little rodent, but loved the fact that I couldn't. Happy birthday, Armin!
One of the best non-demons ever! Wishing a happy birthday.
Wow, it's strange how few he was in. It felt like he was always lurking around the corner...
Happy birthday to our favorite principal - or should I say, the principal that everyone loves to hate. ;) Happy Birthday Armin. Wishing you many more years of continued happiness and success!
I'll join in the Snyder and Quark love/hate. Happy Birthday, sir!
And he lost both jobs at the same time :-(. (and I suppose we'll never know; was his defiance of the Mayor-Snake at the end a decison to finally display decency and courage, or was it just a control freak losing control from hysteria and "yelling at the tide.") Happy belateds, Armin.
But he'll always be Quark to me. =)

It was delightfull when in the non-canon Blooded Buffy coments that Snyder seems like the Ferengi from Star Trek.

Happy Birthday!

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