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November 05 2008

Five 'Astonishing' John Cassaday Moments. To prep for the astonishing artist's appearance at Wizard World Texas, take a look at some of the prettiest Astonishing X-Men art Cassaday delivered with five of Wizard's favorite images from the series.

This article is wrong for the simple non-inclusion of Cyclops standing alone raging "TO ME MY X-MEN". That page alone is worth the entire 4 arcs.
Amen. That moment gave me goosebumps. I'm a huge Cyclops fan so I was frikkin giddy after reading that issue.

The article seems to only count single images, but I think some of Cassaday's most brilliant stuff came through in the multi-panel scenes.

For example:
Colossus running through Kitty when she finds him in the lab. Her complete shock and her expression after he passes through her.

Emma and Scott watching the young Scott with the bandages over his eyes. "What is that boy doing, my love?" "Deciding..." And the tear runnin out of his glasses.

I love Joss and I think he made that comic amazing, but Cassaday's contribution was vital to its brilliance.
... Cyclops standing alone raging "TO ME MY X-MEN".

Y'know, I never heard that as raging. In a raised voice maybe but coolly is how it played in my head, like an officer rallying his troops on a battlefield. But agreed, though it's maybe more a script moment, i'd probably have stuck it in there.

And Cassaday had as big a hand in making AXM what it was as Joss did I reckon (so did Laura Martin, the colourist - her colours were really clean without being cold. A team effort, appropriately enough ;).

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