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November 05 2008

TWOP deems Bones the best procedural on the air. A photo gallery with blurbs singling out the various reasons Bones is awesome.

Couldn't agree more, it's the only crime procedural I decided to stick around, and wasn't even because DB is in the cast.
Definitely the best procedural on right now, just because they got the whole 'characters are good!' thing from the start.

But I have to admit that I'm really digging 'The Mentalist' right now as well...but it's been on whereas it feels like ages since I've last seen 'Bones' :(
Could Dexter possibly count as a procedural ? The Shield does (well, it gets "cop drama" more often than "procedural" as a label), and I'd put that heads above what little I've seen of Bones so far (I'm not Bones-bashing though--it seems way better than something like CSI:Miami, for example).
Wow! TWoP has certainly changed its tune from its initial dismissal of the show.
Yeah, on the page listing shows that have been covered as well as those that are on permanent hiatus, Bones' entry says:

It turns out that all the hardcore Angel fans really aren't that interested in watching David Boreanaz pretend to be a former sniper turned FBI agent who works with a forensic anthropologist to solve crime cases. Or it could have been the writing. Or the magnificently ridiculous crime-solving tools. Or the fact that there are eight million other crime procedurals on television, and this one was either too different, or just not different enough. Whatever the reason, no one cared, and you can go ahead and insert your own "Bore-eanaz" joke here.

Certainly, the show has improved from its beginnings, with the only sorta misfire of the Zack story line. It's fun, and I agree, the best of the procedural bunch.
Does House count as a procedural? Because...I think House is better. Or at least it achieves greater things than Bones. Bones is consistently pretty good, but never great. House approaches greatness many times in a season (and falls quite short many times, too).
Well 'Bones' is the only show of it's type that I actually look forward to watching, so it can't be doing too badly!
House may count as a medical procedural, sort of, but most people mean police or legal procedural when they say procedural.

Edited to add legal.

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'Life' for me at the moment, hands down (partly because, even though it's totally a procedural, they're probably not including 'House') - it's just a more complete package than 'Bones', much as I like that show too.
I'm quite fond of Life, myself. I've been missing Bones lately since I have to be somewhere Wednesdays at 8 and I am lame and only have a VCR and it's recording Pushing Daisies. I suppose I could catch up on Fox's site...
I've never watch a single episode nor do I care to. I just don't care much about today's television procdurals, I get bored after the third episode.

With that said, I do wish David the best with his successful show and I'm all smiles that he's happy. After all, that's what counts with a talented actor.

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