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November 05 2008

EW's 2008 Entertainer of the Year: Reader's Pick. EW gives their readers a bracket game to pick their entertainer of the year...including a Horrible choice.

What kind of a world puts Dr. Horrible against The Joker? That's just not right. :(
I know, it's messed up. Maybe it's part of the ELoE application process. They're testing his worthiness? I mean it is seriously evil.
That was a truly heart-wrenching experience. For me, it came down to Dr. Horrible and The Office, and I sat there staring fretfully at it for two minutes before simply abandoning the attempt to choose one.
I (very, extremely begrudgingly) chose Neil over Heath. It has since left a sour taste in my mouth, because such choices just shouldn't have to be made.
Too bad he's in such an impossible match-up. Seriously, they've got my two top choices facing off in the first round. Curse you, EW!
Chose Neil over Heath. I have a whole new appreciation for the movie, Sophie's Choice. I gave up after making that painful choice...

I don't wanna play anymore EW :(
If we're being honest and answering the "Who left the biggest mark on Pop Culture?" Then it has to be The Joker, hands down.
Ridiculous choice, I agree! Joker v Dr Horrible? What is that? Clearly it should be a Joker and Dr Horrible team v the Twilight Conglomerate, once and for all destroying the Lamest Vampires Ever.
I'm with everyone else: NPH vs. Ledger? What? It pissed me off, but I had to vote Ledger.

Had it been Joss, however...
My final two ended up being Tina Fey vs. the 2008 Presidential Race. Hm.
I reluctantly had to vote Neil out in the very first round. I was a little bit heartbroken, but I can't go against the Joker in good conscious.

Then in the first half's final I had Tina Fey against the Joker, that one was a tough choice but i sided with Tina. The ultimate final was Tina Fey vs Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert.

It's sad that it was easily the toughest decision I've Had to side with Tina Fey in the end though, you can't go past 30 Rock. I just want to apologize to everyone else on this list who epitomizes awesome but I had to leave out.
I was down to Stewart/Colbert and Dr. Horrible. I had to think about it awhile. As much as I love the 'fake' news it came down to this question: had I ever woke up the next morning singing anything from either of their shows?
I too was paralyzed by indecisiveness when confronted with having to make a choice between The Joker and Dr Horrible. I ended up just closing my eyes, banging my mouse down on the desk and randomly clicking to get it over with. (The Joker won!)
Joker wins against Dr H (sorry Dr H, your evil is insufficiently entertaining ;).

Choosing between Tina Fey and The Joker was tough.
Neil won for me. There was very little else I care the slightest bit about in that whole thing!

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