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November 06 2008

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy #19. Six pages to tide you over until the comic book comes out on November 19th.

I love how they call it, "Buffy the Vampire Hunter." Wth?
OK. That isn't too tantalizing. No problem waiting. Nope. None at all.

ETA 1. Bout time Buffy got nose props.
ETA 2. Good monkey.
ETA 3. Welcome Allycat!

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I think the preview pages are very interesting. They make me believe that this arc's finale might live up to the hype... and make the long wait worth it.

So many questions.


ETA (to Pointy): I've always been a Buffy-nose fan.

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Here, Buffy is called Buffy - A Caša-Vampiros what is roughly "Buffy - The Vampire Hunter"
Fantastic! It's going to be a long two weeks waiting!

I'm still sort of waiting for Fray to reveal that she lives in a world without shrimp ;-)
I definitely didn't realize how much I was enjoying this series until I didn't get it for over two months. November 19th can't come fast enough.
Spider-monkey rocks. Now I really want to know his backstory, even if it is about to get blown away in a temporal discontinuity.

I loved Willow's explanation of why she'd been lying to people. And I'm still not convinced she's really evil, just tired and old.
At pat32082: It is a nose made of purest adorability.
I thought I knew what her goal was, now I don't, and that makes me happy and frustrated. Damn you, Jod! (Joss + God = Jod.) Perhaps I should still kneel before him.

ETA (at Pointy): Natch.

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Finally!! God, how I missed S8.

(also, just noticed how common this sort of response is)
Joss did this on purpose. You know, made us wait. He did it just to make us realize how much we need this story. Bad Joss. Naughty Joss.

Can we have the next issue now? Plleeeeeeeeaaaaassssseee, oh please, oh please?!?

We won't call you naughty anymore. Unless, of course, you like that...
Potential spoilage:

ETA All of which makes me kind of wish the otherwise excellent Karl Moline hadn't "fixed" Sarah Michelle's nose, which doth not perk like my mild Irish pug, but arcs like the crescent moon.

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I find it interesting that Dark Willow says that it's been 200 years. I don't think it the time period of Fray was ever explicitly stated in the text of the comics, but Scott Allie has said that it takes place 500 years in the future. I suppose that's not technically a retcon.
Two visions of the future enter, one leaves!

ETA: Hey this is our first internal monologue from Willow.

ETA2: Is it possible the Watcher-turned-critter is Giles?

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I wanna be the first to speculate that I think Dawn's final transformation is to turn into the demon monkey. 'Nuff said. It knows the slayer, knows the scythe, knew where that secret future watchers place was...and it was locked in a box lol. Totally Dawn!
I don't think it the time period of Fray was ever explicitly stated in the text of the comics,

I had a quick look and on the second page of the trade, there's the line "no one has been called for two hundred years".
As far as the dying business, I am starting to wonder if FDW is only killable by Buffy...and has lived so long, is so grieving and tired that she wants to die and this twisty plan is all part of it.

Being an English geek, this reminds me about the Cumaean Sibyl,the oracle who could not die and wanted to (which is also in The Waste Land--don't know if it's on purpose, but it has me very curious.

Come on, 19th!
Building on Pointy's comment regarding Grey Willow:
The Gift and Once More With Feeling included characters saying this line:
"The hardest thing about this world... is to live in it."

Willow's sadness stems from experiencing that -- for 200 years. And -- presumably -- from knowing an unpleasant role she has to play.
Love the preview.
My feeling is that this ties in with recent Jossverbage about how Fray was created before the idea of S8 was ever conceived, and therefore I view this arc as bringing the Frayverse into line with the current Buffyverse, even if it potentially means ending that Frayverse. We shall see. The fact that FDW has been around for 200 years is the key- since during all that times things had to have been happening to her, lovers, fights, etc, and none of which we know about, and will never know about, because once this is resolved that never actually happened. Boy, I hope that last sentence is clear!
How did FDW stay alive during the two centuries with no magic?
The idea that Mel ceases to exist is sad.

Well, this issue certainly looks like it will deliver. The last two really felt stretched, like not enough was going on. Maybe that's because Buffy wasn't conversing with any characters who can ... keep up with her words. I love that Buffy asks her if Kennedy's ok: Joss is knowingly playing with the reaction some fans had at the original dead+evil lesbian combo in season six.
@CowboyGuy: "I wanna be the first to speculate that I think Dawn's final transformation is to turn into the demon monkey."

You wish, people have been speculating that for ages now
One thing I've been trying to wrap my mind around is the dream Buffy had in a previous issue with a lion saying "the queen is dead, long live the queen?" Was this a foreshadow for Dark Willow?
Pretty sure that was Genevieve's plan she was seeing in that dream.
How did FDW stay alive during the two centuries with no magic?

Maybe into her is where all the magic went.
I really must get with the program and order these comics soon. I know I'm missing out in much. Another backburner project within plans of plans. Hey, I'm getting to it!
Madhatter, Buffy Season 8 rhymes with It Is Very Great.
This is ridiculously good. The wait will have been worth it...
I don't think Joss is playing with the evil-dead lesbian cliche; I don't think Joss will ever play with that cliche. I think it is a logical question from Buffy, since to her the events of S6 and S7 occurred not all that long ago, and once she saw FDW, she had to wonder how that happened, knowing how it happened the first time.
I really hope the don't erase the frayverse, but i do have higher hopes for the arc after this preview than i had before it.
One of the horror slick mags referred to "take that, Buffy the Vampire SLayer , with your little penis nose," a remark I incorporated into a fic*...I've heard Sarah is a bit sensitive about it.

This is really painful to contemplate as tot eh choices, even for a non-Fray fan like me. (I never ead the first arc.) And I wonder again like I ahe for years about the point to all this; what exactly in all this is something we "need?" Oh, well, I ahev amonth elss to wait than i ahd originally feared anyway.

*directed towards Buffy's look-alike daughter from Faith's look-alike daughter, threatening to "bust" it after Buffy JR put people's lives in danger
Sarah is sensitive about her nose?!? She has a great nose! It's cute, methinks.
Go Monkey! Choose Monkey!
I cannot wait for this to come out. And I think SMG has a cute nose. Penis nose? No way.
Ooops, I didn't make clear I never said I felt the same way myself (it was from one of the anstily arch horror slicks so popualr these days) I just needed a convenient insult and it fit the relationship between the two girls. I think it's cute, too; so's she, albeit not (not that it means anything) my type
Nasty slick, and most untrue.

Her nose curves most femininely.

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