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November 06 2008

ABC reduces order for Nathan Fillion's Castle. And for another show as well.

The other show "The Unusuals" stars Amber Tamblyn who guest starred on Buffy as Dawn's friend Janice.
Not good news, but if it is for inventory reasons, then it isn't a bad omen either. Let's wait to see how much ABC will promote it before panicking.
I did not realize there was a Buffy connection with Amber Tamblyn. Cool. Just last night I had a moment of missing Joan of Arcadia.
They are seeming unfriendly towards Pushing Daisies even with all the critical acclaim also. I honestly expected bad news there when I followed the link. Plus, we are talking about the same studio who canceled the BRILLIANT Cupid 10 years ago, and are now going OOPS and making it again with the same creator, Rob Thomas and they tried but failed to get the brilliant Jeremy Piven again but couldn't lure him away from Entourage. I doubt they can catch lightng in the bottle again but they shouldn't have canceled it to begin with!!! I have about as much faith in them as Fox.
The Article describes Nathan's character as "a horror novelist who helps
the NYPD solve crimes." I've also heard it as a Mystery Novelist in other
descriptions. There IS a difference, isn't there? So which one is it? :)
So which one is it? :)

Oh the horror. Oh? The horror!
Is this Castle series something like a male version of Murder She Wrote?
Vinity There are rumors that ABC told the PD folks to have their story lines wrapped up by the 13th episode of this season, so the thinking is the show is ending then. :( (Boo!)

And Cupid is the first show that I was ticked off to have axed.

From the descriptions I've heard I think Castle is a bit like a hybrid of Murder She Wrote and Moonlighting.
So looks like Joss, Nathan, Summer and Jewel (with Atlantis also ending this year) will all be free for Serenity 2 in 2009 then.

Cloud? Silver lining? Whatever!
Amber also starred with SMG in the Grudge 2. They played sisters.

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