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November 06 2008

The Onion AV Club interviews Felicia Day. Felicia Day discusses life, The Guild and Dr. Horrible with the AV Club.

[ edited by Flannigus on 2008-11-06 20:06 ]

AAA (Awesome As Always).
These interviews are always great, and this one is no different. Loved it!
This is a delightful interview! Thanks for the link Flannigus! Obviously there are not enough hours in the day for everything Felicia Day is up to.
Felicia really is fabulous. I reiterate my desire to see her immortalised in the Whedonesque pantheon of demi-gods by getting her photo added to this site's masthead. And again, if it's a question of space, I say we axe Xander.
Why axe poor Xander when there are duplicates to be removed first ?
I'm wondering if that is an old interview. At the bottom, doesn't she say she's going to be on House next week? That happened like months ago. Maybe the interview is old, but they just posted it yesterday? Just thought it was a bit weird.

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