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November 06 2008

Speculation on who should be cast in Sam Mendes' adaptation of 'Preacher'. Caleb + Captain Tightpants = Jesse Custer?

What?! This is huge news. I thought the Grumpier Old Men guy was gonna make an HBO series out of Preacher. I guess that's not happening anymore, eh?
I don't know about Fillion as Jesse. I don't see it. He's kind of worn the collar already, so that's already an image, with evil connotations at that, so I'm gonna say that's not gonna work.
But how about Katee Sackhoff as Tulip?
Nathan as Jesse, and Alan Tudyk as Cassidy, please!
What?! This is huge news. I thought the Grumpier Old Men guy was gonna make an HBO series out of Preacher. I guess that's not happening anymore, eh?

Thank goodness for that.
Why Avi Arad allowed that guy anywhere near Daredevil and Ghost Rider is beyond me.

And don't be silly; Nathan would make an awesome Jesse Custer.
He already played two gynaecologists. Does it really make sense to play two supernatural preachers as well?
Some people need to spend more time at ;).
'Preacher' is one of my favorite comics ever & if Nathan were to be cast as Jessie, my head would probably explode Scanners-style. That would be so awesome.

I just hope they don't screw this up.
Well casting Nathan wouldn't be as good an idea as fans of his would like to think. Jesse's 22 years old. I just DON'T think Nathan can pull that off anymore. I couldn't even tell you who I think would be a good pick. As for Tulip I'd go with everyone's favorite two redneck females Jamie Preisely (sp?) or Julliete Lewis. Yes, I know they're older, but THEY can still pull off mid-twenties. And I think they could both kick some serious ass. Love the idea of Sam Elliot as the Saint and I would LOVE to see Kid Rock as Cassidy if he could pull off the accent. If he couldn't, I'd take Norman Reedus in a heartbeat.

Also, I'm upset this didn't become an HBO series and is only getting a movie (unless it's a planned trilogy at the VERY least) because Daredevil guy, if you read interviews about it, wanted it Sin City style using the pages of the comics as the storyboards for the show. I think he could have actually done an amazing job.
I never heard of Preacher, so I went and did a little reading. It sounds like it will make a great movie.

When I saw the photo, the first actor I thought of was Joaquin Phoenix. Unfortunately, 1) He's 34, and 2) very, very unfortunately, he's announced he's retired from the acting arena. If that kid from The Sarah Connor Chronicles was older, he'd be good. He's got some intense mojo going on.
A long time ago, when my friends and I were casting our imaginary version of a Preacher movie, we thought we had the perfect person for Cassidy - Glenn Quinn. Unfortunately, that can never happen now. I kind of like Ben Foster in the role, since I feel he can do no wrong.
Also, Clint Eastwood is an easy choice for the Saint of Killers, since the character was based off of Eastwood's character in Unforgiven - maybe it's too easy a call.
While I love Nathan, I don't like the idea of casting him as Jesse. I understand they will need a "name" in the part due to the controversial subject matter, but I trust Mendes will find the right person. Perhaps James Franco?
No one saw this below?

Another co-conspirator, Hoover just can’t get anything right. He loves Featherstone, who loves Starr. He’s supposed to get a prostitute for Starr, and he hires a man. Eventually, Custer makes him go count the grains of sand on a beach, which really wigs him out. J. August Richards (currently on “Raising the Bar”) could do the pre-ordeal Hoover as well as the post-traumatic version.

Due to my intense dislike for comics, I have no idea what this is all about, but it sounds fascinating. Mostly it had me at Sam Mendes. And it has a vampire?
I haven't even been to .org lately (been spending all that extra time on the Flickr group Obama thread, first for the support, now for the joy). :)
Sam Mendes is married to Kate Winslet.

That is all.

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