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November 06 2008

Joan Holloway was in an Everclear video! A bob-cut Christina Hendricks starred in a music video, years hence. Plus, Wink Martindale!

Ha, neat! I love Everclear and have never seen that video.
As an old fogey, I thought Everclear must be some kind of acne product and Christina was in one of their commercials...
I like Everclear, too. But I always thought their songs tended to sound the same. Just me?
Awesome! Everlcear has been one of my favorite bands since 8th grade (8 years or so).
Not just you, pat. I remember Marilyn Manson skewering them about that on Howard Stern's show, but I don't want to offend the Everclear fans here too deeply. :)
They do tend to be a bit samey, but at least they're not Nickelback.
Agree about the samey-ness, but "So Much For the Afterglow" is still a really good album. There are like 10 singles on that record. (Also, I was recently thinking they really need some Everclear tracks on Rock Band.)

p.s. Thanks for that link, zeitgeist, that's a riot. =)
Oh Christina, you should love me for real...
I have no firm opinions on Everclear, except the not drinking the liquid kind, but does that video make anyone else think that she and Felicia Day should play sisters some day?

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