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November 06 2008

Universal Announces Serenity for Blu-ray. The release date is December 30th.

new special features?
WTF is the "Mr. Universe Compendium"? (I gather than the video commentary is just the collector's edition cast commentary but with video.)
I already own the special edition, but I will be upgrading to this version. I've been in the process of upgrading all my favorite movies to Blu-Ray.
Yes! Release it just after the major holiday event of the year so no one can buy it as a present for their friends and family.
I think all our friends and family already got the original dvd for Christmas 3 years ago. I've heard of double-dipping, but what's the rule on double-gifting? Guess they'll just have to be satisfied with Dr. Horrible.
As I would, but I've kinda' lost faith in Blu-ray. I've purchased several movies only to discover they wouldn't play in my Sony BDP-300 player. I've tried sixteen ways to Sunday to download the player's program updates and zilch, it still won't play the movies. At this point, I feel like throwing rocks at the silly machine.
hacksaway, I strongly suggest a back-up plan if you are counting on Dr. Horrible DVDs for Christmas gifts.
Good to know... I'll take one... do you think this will be the last time Serenity is released?
Maddy - sounds like something wrong with your player. Have you contacted Sony or is it out of warranty? This had BETTER be the last time Serenity is released. I do own like 6 versions (you're welcome, Joss).
I have about 10 different versions of Serenity already, but I'm definitely buying this one. I just hope it's region free so I don't have to wait too long.

By the way, does anybody know if the Firefly Blu-ray's gonna be region free?
zeiteist, have contacted Sony and they're sending me a CD with the updates. Sorry for the bitches.
Still need to work on that spelling though :)
Fox tend to region lock their blu-ray stuff but Universal don't, so 'Firefly' will likely be region coded and 'Serenity' may not be.

And yeah, if and when I get a player, this may have to be where I draw the line - that'd be 5 editions including this one and since I only have two eyes, anymore would feel like overkill ;).
Maddy, I too have a Sony 300 player with the second update firmware installed. I still have some problems with most Blu-rays. Me and the kids just watched "Dinosaur" and it became almost unwatchable. I plugged it in later and no problem!! I also rented Sleeping Beauty which had problems at first, then things seemed to get better.
Anyway, Firefly and Serenity will be on my Christmas list ....for me!
Yay, it's using the CE cover art! Can the announcement be updated with this?

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