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November 06 2008

New York Times article about "Repo!" with ASH. Not a review, but an interview with the director. ASH is quoted on the second page of the article. There's also a mention of ASH in this story from NPR's All Things Considered. Also this NY Press review of the movie mentions of Joss and and Dr. Horrible.

I also just heard an NPR piece about it on the way home. Not long, but mentioned ASH and Buffy.

Oh, that man is a priceless gem!

I really wish I could see this movie. But, alas, upper Wisconsin is not considered "cool" enough. Actually, neither is lower WI - the closest is Chicago, which really isn't all that close.


I'll just have to wait for the DVD, I guess. And, yes, this will be one movie I'll rent (Not exactly sure I want to buy it) just because of who's in it.

Well, that, and singing. And there did seem to be an actual plot to it, aside from repossessing organs. His character sounds quite complex, which is something he relishes playing.
Three mentions of Repo in the space of 4 front page entries is a little bit of overkill so I've added InevitableTraitor and simianlovedoc's entries to this one.
ShadowQuest if you use Firefox there is a plugin, Download Helper that has a list of sites that put movies in the net on streaming like,, etc.
Not quality, but if you live in any distant place could help.
Part of me wants to see this but then again I can't be sure I have the correct "sensibility" to appreciate it.

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