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November 07 2008

(SPOILER) New Jeph Loeb interview. More info about his upcoming issue of Buffy season 8 on Wordballoon. They start talking about it at 59:50.

The comic book will contain the info to make a donation to an arts facility for children.
As said in the beginning, the interview was done before the departure of Jeph Loeb from the Heroes writer team.

I just hope the issue is gonna be okay, anyone who has read some of Jeph Loeb's recent comics should know why I'm afraid.
It's hard getting through this interview.
Most of the Jeph Loeb comics I've read recently have been pretty good (I realise I'm unusual in liking Ultimates 3). Even if this isn't to everyone's tastes, whoop-de-doo, it's one f%&@ing issue.

PS John Siuntres needs to equalise the sound level on his phone calls. It's been bugging me for years.
Loeb has done some amazing, amazing work. HUSH! SUPERMAN/BATMAN! And ULTIMATUM # 1 was great.
Well, I must disagree with you then, but that's ok. I really hate Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum #1 though. The way he portrayed the characters is just so wrong to me it's cringeworthy, not to mention he forgets almost all of the continuity, but whatever tastes and such.
His Ultimate Captain America annual was really good. Felt like a return to form.
Could someone summarize what he said about Buffy, please?
Agreed, Simon, I forgot all about that. That was really great.
I've got to admit, I'm quite looking forward to Captain America: White, but probably in a looking forward to it being out in trade, not a "buy as it goes along" thing.
Echoing what marvelknight616 asked.A summary of his Buffy comments would be great.

I've loved a lot of Loeb's comic work.The Hush storyline,Batman: The Long Halloween,Dark Victory,Catwoman: When In Rome,Superman:For All Seasons for example.I loved his Marvel color series too and can't wait to read Captain America:White #1.

I haven't read any of The Ultimates series(only follow Ultimate Spider-Man from the line) so I can't comment but Ultimatum #1 was good.
Ultimatum #1 is good when you haven't read Ultimates 1 & 2, when you know the characters the story makes no sense.
The characters in Ultimates 3 seem pretty consistent from Ultimates 2 to me.

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