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November 07 2008

Cover to 'Death's Daughter' revealed. This is Amber Benson's first solo novel, and will be released in February.

I'm looking forward to reading this.
Yeah, Amber! I'm curious what she came up with. Sounds like an interesting premise.
Sheesh. Talented people. Making the rest of us look bad, with your talentedness. Stop that!
aimtomisbehave Yeah, what you said. Plus? Most of 'em are so dang young - they've got oodles of years to keep churnin' out the quality.

Quit it!

Why can't they be regular folk workin' a minimum-wage job and barely keepin' their head above water?

Oh, right - 'cause they're not.
Here's the link if you want to pre-order it (and support Whedonesque):

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Buffy fans will go wild!

Heh. Everybody feeling okay? The release of this book isn't going to inspire anyone to "go wild" a la Girls Gone Wild, is it?

Still it sounds pretty cool. I'll probably pick this up when it's released.

ET close the pesky italics

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ShadowQuest: C'mon you're not that much older than she is...*grin.

aimtomisbehave : Doesn't bother me; I know who I am and, as a failed genius, am always willing to admire those who manage to make their abilties work for them.

Sigh, the chances of her doing a signing here in the self-proclaimed "Little Apple" are so slim I'm heartsick, even tho it's good for me in a sense because I couldn't afford the book anyway.
Time for me to go back to Joseph-Beth here in Lexington and nag them again about getting her to do a signing here. Not that I hold out much hope, but can't hurt to try.
I didn't like her Buffy comics, but some months ago I saw Chance and it's one good movie. In my "recently watched" list it's ahead The Boss of It All and under Mr. Brooks

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