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November 07 2008

"Repo!" director talks Head and loves him some Buffy. Darren Lynn Bousman sings the praises *groan* of our favorite surgeon-cum-librarian and tells why he's a big fan of Buffy. And IF Magazine reviews the movie too.

Thanks mods! :-)
I saw this movie last night in NYC. I'd been looking forward to it for months. good. It wasn't terrible either. Well, let me restate that. The art direction was good. Two performances were good--ASH's and Sarah Brightman's--though neither of their characters made much or any sense. And that was it. The music and, they were terrible. The music was atonal at times, and the lyrics were clunky and badly rhymed. The plot was boring and never took off. And the whole thing had this turgid, wannabe Goth soap opera thing that both took itself very seriously and tried to be campy at the same time. And it just did not work. It was a mess. And mind-numbing to boot. I'm all for ASH being cast as the lead in horror rock operas. But the source material has to be better than...whatever the hell this was.
You know I seriously intended to go see that this weekend but this morning I looked at a clip from the official website.

It looks horrible. I couldn't even watch the whole clip. Grotesque. Should have known from the makers of Saw. Just glad I didn't go last night before I saw the clip today.

I loved it. The nine other people who I knew at the screening didn't.

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