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November 07 2008

(SPOILER) Solicitation info and covers for Buffy #23. This issue is written by Drew Z. Greenberg, and is centered on an unusual duo.

Update for grammar fix. Thx for the grammar tips , after all it's 11pm over here.

Well that description certainly provides a list of people who will survive the end of the Fray arc. Heh.
A few things:

- I think this might be the first time I like the Jeanty cover more than the Chen one.

- Italy? Really? Any chance that we're going to finally lay eyes on the Immortal? *g*

- Also: Buffy, Andrew... what about that Spike-and-Angel-shaped elephant in the room, huh?

- Simone, as most people predicted.

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Centered on, not around.
Yeah,this pretty much confirms present day Willow is still alive.Yes it also did cross my mind too that if Angel and Spike are going to get brought up at some point in season 8 or the events of Damage,TGIQ and maybe Shells,this might be the issue to do it.
I'm all kinds of excited! Mostly to counter Dana6140's "Meh." before my post ;)

I'm loving the Jeanty cover and I agree with Enisy, this seems like the perfect time to discuss the Angel/Buffy/Spike triangle started by Andrew in TGIQ.
This is the first time ever that a Jo Chen cover has failed to fill me with all kinds of excitement. Meh, indeed, Dana!

As much as I love Tom Lenk I'm SO not an Andrew fan. I do hope the Spike/Angel topic is resolved- preferably just before Andrew dies a very long, slow and painful death... ;-)
Ok, just noticed something weird in the Chen cover. Swords? Maybe it's a deliberate callback to Becoming and Buffy's fight with Angelus, but swords? Really?

Buffy's trying to take down the rogue slayer currently in love with the almighty gun. The uber-dramatic glare over swords just seems wrong somehow. Maybe it's textual and will be validated but even so...swords? Huh?

ET: fix some annoying grammar.

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Yeah, for the first time, a Chen cover does not wow me.
Actually, I like Andrew as a character, not because I'd want to pal around with him (like I would the Scoobies), but because he's so acerbic and bizarre. I thought Tom Lenk did a great job portraying him.

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The description for what happens in the comic gave too much away. Not that I doubted the core Scoobies would survive... but still. A little suspense wouldn't have hurt.
I think I'd have preferred the Chen cover to have Buffy grappling over a gun in Simone's hand. It would have continued the message of Buffy "disarming" Simone, who has blatantly abused the gift/weapon of slayerhood that Buffy empowered her with. Buffy disarming Simone over her abuse of power, showing her disapproval of the way Simone chooses to fight.
I was hoping Faith would've been the one to rein in Simone.... Sigh...
Andrew in small doses is fun, perfect comic relief. You'd need a good hand to have him the center of a whole episode. And yes, I would like to see the Immortal, too -- he's on my list of people who could be Twilight, though I can't figure out what would motivate him.

(Edited because "can" and "can't" shouldn't be confused)

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I was all, sure click the spoiler link, you already know how the basic principles of this arc.

Wu-oh. Fail with the spoilage of the next few months
Oh oh oh Jo Chen is doing a cover for Rex Mundi. Excellent. I love that series. And no Shepherd Book the early years? *sighs* I guess we'll have to wait and see what March's solicitations will hold.
How about some resolving between Xander and Faith. Would be much more interesting...
Oh dear, that Jeanty likeness of Buffy is weak. Why does he seem to draw his women with such 'bobble heads' I wonder?

I'm afraid I'm paralyzed with not caring about this upcoming arc. I never was much of a fan of Andrew. He always seemed like one of Joss's more self indulgent jokes stretched out for far too long.
What's the thing infront of Simone's tit supposed to be?
sueworld2003: Maybe the reason why Jeanty's Buffy seems to have a "bobble-head" is because SMG kinda had one in the latter half of the series? Some would call it good likeness. I don't think it's weak at all... it's not his best SMG likeness, but it's recognizably Buffy. And that was the mandate which Joss charged him with anyway.

The Alpha Gamer: I'm not sure what exactly you're referring to, but it looks like Simone is wearing a black spaghetti-strap top over what looks like a green sports bra. There's an image on the black top... something with a horn. Methinks it's probably something along the lines of a skull with horns, or something Hot Topic-ish like that. :)

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Ah, a skull with horns, that makes sense. I thought it was someone's head with a pigtail...
Has anyone noticed the release date... Mar 4th.

By my schedule (and let me know if its wrong) puts two months between #22 and #23...

Will the delays never end!...ok so thats a little dramatic.
And no Shepherd Book the early years? *sighs*

Maybe they're taking extra time and care on Serenity stuff, since they screwed up the MySpace Dark Horse Presents story by depicting Serenity having guns.
Has anyone noticed the release date... Mar 4th.

By my schedule (and let me know if its wrong) puts two months between #22 and #23...

But doesn't #22 come out in February?
Close - right now, Dark Horse's site has #22 scheduled for January 28.
it's hardly fair to call that two months then, it's only just over one month
As it seems this will be the first issue back on the first week of the month schedule, according to Allie's latest Buffy Zone update.
I know last time Angel and Spike were in Italy, the episode was supposed to be ironic and sarcastic, but I hope this time my Country will not portrayed in the same way again.... to have Andrew here all the time is already hard enough for us ^_^
and I hope this coming issue will show us the Immortal too.
Glad to know Willow is still alive too.
Scott Allie once commented over at SlayAlive that there were no plans to bring the Immortal back in Season 8. It was in one of the Q&A sessions typically held around the release date of a new book.

EDIT: I thought I'd include the link, just in case anyone wanted to check it out for themselves. Here it is:

It's in his first response post, and is addressed to Whedon Fan.

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