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July 30 2003

Photos of Marc Blucas on the Set of 'First Daughter.' "The daughter of the President of the United States goes off to college after insisting that she be able to enjoy her school years without the omnipresence of the Secret Service. The government agrees to her demands but assigns a young agent to go undercover as a student in order to keep an eye on her. Romance blossoms - until she learns his true identity."

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Captain Cardboard :D
Am I the only BtVS fan who honestly thinks Riley was cool? Blucas was more than just cardboard. Admittedly, the writers sometimes didn't seem to know what to do with Riley. Especially in season five. Considering the dialogue he was given, Blucas gave a stunning performance. I mean give the guy a break. He delivered lines like "If I kiss you it'll make the sun go down" without puking all over the camera. Cut Blucas some slack. =)
Now that I've rewatched season four thanks to the wonder that is DVD, I've revised my opinion of Riley a bit. I've come to realize that it's season five Riley that I heartily dislike. Now, granted, I'm still not a fan, but I dislike him in fewer episodes than I did before, if that makes any sense.
I really liked Riley, first of all I think he's a great actor (and a hottie!;) and secondly I think his character is not as cardboardy as people claim, he was supposed to be used as a "normal" human boyfriend for buffy in contrast to angel, and he had alot of interasting issues to deal with like finding his place in the world, dealing with a mate that was more powerfull then him , and being shut-off in his relationship . He's no Angel and no Spike, but he was very interastaing non the less.
I thought Riley was great and his character was miswritten in season 5. Though "The Replacement" does have my favourite ever Riley line. "But she doesn't love me".
Bland "All American Boy" really doesn't do it for me, so I'm afraid Riley didn't exactly tickle my fancy. He got a little more interesting when he got darker but then he was gone. Totally uninteresting, chemistry-free, "dynamic" with SMG didn't help much.
In season five the character was going through major drug withdrawals, and his entire world had been turned upside down. His purpose was The Initiative, which died with Adam, so it can easily be argued Riley wasn't himself. I thought it was nice that they brought him back briefly in season six so we could see a bit of closure with the character. Married. Steady job. Happily demon hunting. Doing his duty for 'king and country.' His life finally straightened out as soon as Buffy was no longer in it. Hmmm.. I wonder if the writers were trying to say something with that? =)

Simon, I agree that was a great line and it was also the point where the writers wrote themselves into a corner with Riley. I mean, where do you go from there? With a love interest for the lead who knows he's not being loved? "But she doesn't love me." You remove the reason for him staying in the picture. The motivation for Riley being with the Scoobies up until that point was Buffy, and if Buffy didn't love him, why was he still there? To shoot hoops with Xander? Compare research notes with Willow?

That scene with Xander was perhaps the emotional climax of Riley from the audience's perspective. His admission of guilt - he knew he no longer belonged yet he's sticking around anyway. Everything from that moment with Xander, to Riley getting on the helicopter, was falling action. So the bulk of Riley's presence in season five reads forced and erratic. No wonder much of the audience doesn't like him.

He left a bad taste in their mouths, but it wasn't the fault of the character or the actor. It was a lapse of the writers.
Riley had lots of good lines - "I'm an anarchist" comes to mind. He got to sleep with Faith and Buffy, had a big punch-up with Angel, had a big punch-up with the US Army, got a habit, got a chip, got a cool nickname from Spike and then got to share a bottle and a broken heart with him, got to save Oz after his big werewolf wiggins over Tara, went to church, shot hoops, chewed the fat with Dawn - what's not to like?

And now he's hanging with Joey from Dawnson's.

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I think my favorite Riley moment, at least AT the moment, was when he staked Spike in the heart. "I left reasonable about three exits back!" That was great!

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