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November 07 2008

The Serenity Blu-ray cover art is here. No Llamas in sight.

The Blu-Ray has Serenity Collector's Edition DVD cover art. Thank you Universal.

Me like "with-upgrades-and-extras".
The Serenity Blu-ray cover art is here. No Lamas in sight.

Pity. I always thought Lorenzo would make a great BDH.
Seeing those trails behind Serenity makes me want to say VWOOSH!
Congrats on the supreme release date. One week AFTER christmas!
I recon the date's okay. Getting Firefly on Blu-ray for Christmas and then Serenity on Blu-ray after Christmas (with a gift voucher) might work.
I kinda' liked the llamas, just added a bit to the lore.
I agree, Madhatter. Ridiculous as that art was, we ended up turning it to our advantage, in a way.
Life sent us Llamas and we made Llamanade.
Introducing new-
Blue Sun Llamanade
I love that art. Looks better with the 3-D layers on the DVD edition, but, iz still good here.
Aw, I was hoping we'd see new art (well, "new" art), like with the Firefly blu-ray. I mean I like the DVD Collector's Edition okay (better than the original DVD), but I'm not a big fan of floating head covers/posters. I like the Firefly blu-ray because it's simple and iconic.
Featuring River Tam, Captain Malcolm Reynolds, and a gun that looks cool but has yet to be used!
SerenityStuff has a nice pic of the Firefly and Serenity DVDs next to each other.

In case anyone wants to right click and save as and put it elsewhere like myspace blogs, pages, websites etc.

Coming to Blu-Ray 2008. Why look it is the same ship!!! Still think there are plenty of people who know Firefly but don't know Serenity and the other way around too. And both!
Okay, now I know where lioness got all that silly llama talk.

She's show people the DVD cover, and we'd say, 'that's an arm' but she'd insist. :)
"Serenity Bounces Onto Blu-ray With Actually Awesome Cover "

Found this in a google search. Makes me wonder how many people don't even know the Serenity Collector's Edition exists.

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