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November 08 2008

Marian Call's new CD features Firefly (& BSG) theme. Marian's new album "Got to Fly" is inspired by Firefly/Serenity and BSG. Only 1,000 CDs will be made and are sponsored by QMX. Will be available at Burbank Firefly Con 21-22 Nov.

Only 1,000 Cd's will be SIGNED- there'll be lots more than 1,000 made. I hope!
'It's Good to have Jayne on your Side' sounds like a great tune!
Won't let me in. The link keeps freezing my PC. Grrr Argh.
It's a little ambiguous... "The CD will be available only from QMx, and only 1,000 hand-signed and numbered discs will be pressed. After the first print is gone, the tracks will only be available as a digital download."
Hi all - let me clarify: There will only be 1,000 CDs pressed. So, if you want this particular mix of songs, the lovely album cover design (also by Ms. Call), this is the only way to get it. Marian's going to sign and number the CDs, as well.

The songs will at some point down the road be purchasable as individual tracks from iTunes.

Hope that clears things up!

If anyone's having trouble viewing the album page, try this url: Or you can find it under "Black Market Beagles" on

I hope the album becomes available for purchase after the convention. I don't mind not being apart of the limited edition run, I just want to be able to buy a physical copy of the disc.

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It's a huge disservice...

Oh, please. The entire point of doing limited editions of things is to make them special and unique.
Marian is definitely Special and Unique. She just gets better every day.
The QMx page isn't completely accurate. According to Marian Call's Twitter you will be able to order the album online after the convention. So for those of us who can't make it to the convention, there is still hope for us who want to get our hands on this album.
The sound is very reminiscient of Joni Mitchell. Which I like very much.

But the problem with making something special and unique is that it can drive the price up. Kind of like a certain toaster that was limited. Or a whimsical Maquette.
1,000 CD's only. All signed. First available at Con. AFTER con, remainder sold online. After gone, online download only.
But the problem with making something special and unique is that it can drive the price up.

And? Heh.
Oh, and Joni Mitchell turned 65 this week. If Marian claims to be a day over 26, slap her down and call her a liar.
Wait- no, no slapping, she's an artist, be gentle. So I guess no name-calling either. Damn.
Phew, I just narrowly avoided a slapping. Don't worry about the price -- it's only $15.95 and staying there.

And I'm no artist, I'm an indie musician. We're a little tougher, on account of the sleeping on park benches and so on. So the name calling I don't mind, if only you can be creative about it. Substitute chemistry teacher.
No doubt, you are at least as tough as the girl you first broke out singing about. That's part of your charm. Your being Princess Geek doesn't hurt much!

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