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November 08 2008

"Serenity" to Air on SciFi in January 2009? Information is very scarce about this, to say the least. Any further info would be more than welcome.

I first heard about this from ECGordon, and the only link that's been found mentioning Serenity on SciFi is the one posted. Perplexing, since word has always been that the BDM would be on USA Network first. In any case, here's hoping that folks will make this a cause for celebration, and many Shindigs. Personally, I'm checking into a local Video Store's screening room, for a Big Damn Premiere Party. :)

You need to search for Serenity in the search box to find it. The link itself aint enough.
I put in the permanent link for said entry.
Thank you Simon... this was hard to find, and I hope some of our industry "Insiders" might be able to find out more for us.
I think it's probably the movie. Factor in the ad break time and I reckon it's Joss' work of art.
Maybe NBC/Uni decided it would make more of a splash on SciFi. Certainly makes more sense to me. I just hope there'll be some cross-network promotion on USA and maybe even NBC.
I hope you're right about that, Cabri. Unfortunately, there's no evidence that SciFi is going to have the good sense to Air a Firefly Marathon in advance of Broadcasting the BDM. Hopefully, they'll see the sense in making a Big Deal out of this. They've got a readimade viewership on hand, if they'll tap into it.

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