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July 31 2003

(SPOILER) Executive producer Jeffrey Bell speaks to Variety. "The show's going to look very different than it has before".

There's also unconfirmed news from a Brit sci-fi magazine that David Boreanaz will direct episode 7.

"The entire dynamic of the show will shift this season as the series moves away from its creepy hotel setting and into a more workplace-focused atmosphere at the evil law firm of Wolfram & Hart."

But... but... we LIKED the creepy!

Christ on a horse. "We gotta, like, attract more viewers. The general audience thinks your show is too, you know, creepy. Can't you make it more like Friends or L.A. Law?"

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I'm not sure how putting Angel in a cubicle environment is supposed to make things better. This is escapist entertainment. I watch tv to get away from the rat race, not be reminded of my nine to five job.
I said it before and I'll say it again...Angel is a vampire...I am really worried about the changes coming...sunlight, cars, sewer...I liked the "creepy" too...I hope that the "want" to lure new viewers does not compromise the "need" for faithful viewers.

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