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November 08 2008

(SPOILER) Scott Allie updates Buffy Zone. He gives info on the new schedule of issues and announces upcoming unique Buffy promotion starting at first of the year.Plus he talks a little about Jane Espenson's upcoming season 8 work.

Issue 19 is out on November 26 and a new issue every three weeks for the next few issues after that.

Well, I was hoping for Nov 19 (my B-Day!), but... I can hold off a little longer. VERY excited about the "every 3 weeks" deal, though. That'll make up for things, I think.
I don't think there are any spoilers in there
The explanation is a bit over-complicated, but the three week schedule is only for 2 issues and yes, there is a spoiler, even if many of us are aware of it.
There is a spoiler.It's well known already by a lot of people here that but for people who are un-spoiled,I put up the warning.
Yep, unpublished storylines count as spoilers. I'm very glad that these upcoming issues aren't in danger of causing a cascade delay, where each issue gets progressively farther from us.

Anyone else have to highlight the last couple of lines to get away from the white pattern on the background...tut tut Dark Horse.
November 26th!! It is like Buffy is giving me a personal birthday gift. Although I would have been happy with an early gift.
As always, I appreciate the spoiler tag and spoiler "blackouts" in comments. It's hard not to know about anything before it happens, but I keep trying.
Hey, my birthday is the 19th of November too! By as I'm on honeymoon till the 26th, I'm quite happy for the week delay as it means I'll definitely get it. Sweetness. I'm so going to get confused to which week to trek to the comic book store though.

Any ideas as to what the Darkhorse Presents stuff'll be? I'm presuming a mini-comic about some character who's affected by the story (perhaps like the subplot of Xander and Dawn in the current arc).
I'm glad to get the dates when issues will be coming out, but I wish Scott could have given the information without the spoilers! Why do they put spoilers in these posts?

grrr argh.
hm... see, i don't take the "spoiler" as an actual spoiler 'cuz it's just a small note that doesn't even tell what the story's gonna be about... BUT... then again, i've never been a spoiler purist. i always read them. keeps me sane! surprises are like... my least favorite thing.

also... hooray for Scorpios and Nov 19th B-Days! i usually ask for action figures, but those are sorta done. sad times. :( comics work well, though! it'll be my late treat to myself once the money rolls in...

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