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November 09 2008

Drive, unaired. A lost "dollhouse" sequence from Tim Minear's Drive. An original opening, here.

That's a very cool sequence. I wonder why it didn't air...
That's a really good introduction. Argh at Fox.
I remember Tim showing us this at the Backup Bash- at least I think it was this version. It was very cool.
Gah, I don't wanna register at facebook. Anywhere else to see this?
I'm assuming Tim is alright with having his Facebook details on here?
Simon, he posted these on a public forum, and made the vids public. I think he's used Facebook as Youtube video quality is poopy.
Gosh, poor Tim. He was robbed blind as well.
I don't think is the one he showed at Back Up Bash. I don't remember any of this.

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Really love the constant motion in that "dollhouse" sequence. It's a shame that it was never used as I think it really works. The original opening is also really great and really grabs your attention.

It seems that any time I see something that was changed because of input from a network or studio, that it's very rare that it improves and the original take is almost always a lot better. surprised, Fox jacked up another show...

Those were 10x better than what originally aired (even without Nathan)
The opening and the "dollhouse" sequence are also on Tim's YouTube account, for those who don't like Facebook
Awesome set of clips, Tim, thank you!
I'm glad he also has the original 7-minute opening posted that never got used. It's still so awesome.

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Gosh I would have loved to see this show develop. It was just pure fun. And I love the "dollhouse" opener! Interesting to see how many characters were recast. (I'd say for the better, but that's unfair since we saw the final cast in six episodes and these actors in just a few minutes.)
Argh I still miss this show. That sequence just reminded me how much I loved it. Damn you, FOX.
Check this one, added about an hour ago. It shows HOW they made the oner.
Wow, thanks Tim and Barry Woodward for posting those clips. The Dollhouse sequence and original opening was 100 time clearer and much more likable. It really introduced the people in a way you actually cared about and were interested in. Frankly, even knowing what the show was about the intro that was used was confusing for me. I'm sad. I wish we could honestly drop all the dang studios out of the creative process.
I love the original vs. reshoot clips.

I said this over on FB, but it's almost glaring how flat and staged the original versions seem compared to the reshoots, which at the very least actually seem to have a sense of the physical space being full and real, which in turn has an effect upon the people in the room.

ETA that the originals seem kind of tossed off, like it was "get this shot and let's go home". The reshoots look like someone actually sat down and thought about things for awhile first.

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Watching those just makes me realize how much I want "The Inside" on (official) DVD/Blu-Ray. The look of it is so dark and unique (which is what was missing in the original version) and it would be so awesome properly authored.
Does anyone know who directed the original pilot? (There were three pilots shot for The Inside, and here I believe we see clips from the second two. So by 'original' I actually mean the second of three.)
Hah. Best bits: Nathan and Amy. And Nathan and the runaway truck.
Now if only someone would do this with all of the stuff from FOX's old Firefly site.

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