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November 09 2008

James Marsters is on cloud 9. A new message from James on his website.

James gives his thoughts on the election and mentions reading six Dresden Files books and filming a new project. There's also news of a possible event before the press tour for Dragonball starts.

A new project eh? OOooh I wonder what that could be?

What a busy wee thing he's going to be. *g*
Bless his heart... BIG Obama supporter. Can't wait to hear about the new film project and the big event before the DragonBall worldwide press tour.
We're all there with ya James! (well, most of us ;)

I'll tell you more when Steve gives me the okay.

lol I don't know why, but this is just so cute. We all know Steve is the man! :D lol
Awww James! On behalf of A LOT o' us...Thanks!
It's so cool how people from all over the world are reveling in our happiness.
New project? Squee!
I want to know what the big event is... and whether it's going to be close to LA so I can go ^-^.
I hope that the project is a movie. I didn't love PS I Love You, but I loved seeing James on the big screen.

Of course I wouldn't say no to seeing him on my small screen every week either!
I can't wait to hear what the big event is! This just made my rainy day a whole lot better!
PS I Love You was nice, and had a plus when we know that Holly, (Hilary Swank's character) would like to be a vampire slayer.
As someone who just loves the Dresden Files audiobooks, I am over-whelmed to think we will be getting 6 of them in such rapid order. Guess I'll start saving now!

And I'm beyond happy to know that there is a new project and a new get together before James takes off on his round the world Dragonball press tour. Busy boy, and happy times for his fans. Sweet.
Jim Butcher's website says that the audio books for Proven Guilty, White Night and Turn Coat will all be available April 2009. Looking forward to getting these.

I just finished listening to Small Favor and enjoyed it much more than the first three books. I have a long commute to work, so a good audio book is essential to making the commute bearable.

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