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November 09 2008

John Cassaday hints at a possible new project with Joss. Something non-comic book? Intriguing. John also reveals that Joss did ask him to draw for Buffy season 8.

Cassaday on Buffy would be amazing. Maybe Season 9?
Given Cassaday's doing the film thing, I wonder if they're looking to do a short together ?
Non-comic book! Let's think! Episode of Dollhouse? Internet short? Movie? Radio?
Stone tablet! Seance! Snow peeing!

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Spin painting.

What? If it's good enough for Hirst.
Animation? Some artwork QMX could sell?
Is Joss' bladder big enough to accommodate his trademark snappy dialogue though ? Course, maybe that's why they're in it together - twice the, err, capacity.
I'm not sure I'm reading that as saying "I'm doing something non-comics with Joss" as much as I am "I'm doing something non-comics first, and then something with Joss." Hmm. Whatever it is, chances are I'll be there.
Wouldn't something "not-comics" be a project?. Hmm. Very unclear. I'll go with the not-comics with Joss for the cool factor.
Well Cassaday seems to be moving into films these days so maybe something down that route with Joss?
A Cassaday-drawn issue of Buffy would be amazing.
I'm with the Cassaday-on-Buffy folks. Any day he wants to start is A-OK with me. I wish he could draw them all.
Looking up John Cassaday's name on IMDB shows that he apparently did some of the concept art for upcoming Watchmen movie. I imagine Cassaday would be looking to do something along those lines on something that Joss is working on. Since I imagine all that type of work has likely already been done for Dollhouse, I'm guessing perhaps Cabin in the Woods or some future project that has been yet announced.

Of course, it would be awesome for Cassaday to do anything with the Buffy comics, even if it's just a cover but preferably at least a single issue. Besides wanting to see his incredible artwork in Buffy, I would also be really interested to see how he draws the Buffy cast.
That would be an awesome Buffy arc, though just imagine how late it would be. Also, not sure how well Cassaday's bright comic book art would fit into Buffy. I'm still holding out for a Joss / Chris Bachalo Spiderman book.
Cassaday doesn't colour his art though (on both AXM and Planetary that was Laura Martin) so the "brightness" doesn't really have much to do with him.

Personally i'd rather see him do internal art on Buffy both because we'd then get more and because though I like his covers and a couple of them have even arguably been iconic, I prefer Jo Chen's style for Buffy (Cassaday's covers are normally quite sparse which I like usually but Chen's just feel a bit warmer, more human).
I'd prefer Cassaday to do the interior art for a Buffy arc for the simple reason that the covers just wouldn't be enough for me. If he is going to do them at all then let's get as much out of him as possible. ;)

Actually, I think his style might better suit an Angel series (preferably part of the canon stories) but anything he wanted to do would be fine by me.

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